Anthony Petrello: The Man Outside The Office

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer and president of Nabors Industries Ltd., an oil and gas drilling company that operates in the United States, Africa, and wide ranges of the Middle East. His keen sense of business is evident in the ongoing growth and success of Nabors Industries, but Petrello started from humble beginnings and worked his way up. Using his intellect to gain extensive high rated schooling and applying his wealth and influence to contribute on several membership boards, Petrello is not just another corporate boss.

Anthony Petrello, known more commonly as Tony, was a product of the public school system in Newark, New Jersey. He came from a working class family upbringing, but had an amazing talent for mathematics. He was able to earn a scholarship to college, and attended Yale University where he earned an MS in Mathematics. After Yale, he made the bold decision to attend Harvard University and study law, where he obtained his JD Degree. His perseverance and intelligence motivated him through his career until he reached his current status as the CEO and President of the world renowned company.

But his wealth and status are not the most important things to Petrello. He values the time and influence he can bring to other areas as well. He is the trustee of the Texas Children’s Hospital, he served as honorary trustee for the Texas Heart Institute, and he is the director of the Petrello Family Foundation, an organization that works at providing medical resources to the Houston community as well as the performing arts and improving education.

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Mike Baur: Helping People Dream Big!

Mike Baur is the ever-enthusiastic co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, and manages the funding and financing of the company. He is an entrepreneur and businessman with a genuine heart of gold, and has made it his life-mission to help every day, average people start up the businesses they’ve always dreamed of, in the simplest ways they never thought of. His company provides the very clever service of combining all aspects of business-starting in a 3-month program; it simplifies the process by providing a one-stop shop of: financing, coaching, mentoring, office spacing, and giving exclusive access to networks in the investor/entrepreneurial world.


Baur has quite the impressive work history, as well. He worked in banking for more than 20-years, including both UBS and Clariden Lew. After resigning there, he began to invest in various startup companies, and in 2014 he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. By 2016, he became the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest after Swiss Startup Factory and CTI became business partners. Baur spearheaded Swiss Startup Factory right through its infancy with the help of the Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion, and in December 2016, he was featured in a Wall Street Journal article covering his early career spanning from his banking-investment days to entrepreneurship. In addition, He is very enthusiastic about the digital age in which he resides, and acts as a Digital Board Member in several Swiss companies.


Baur spends much time speaking at various venues such as universities, mid-size companies, and start-up events and is passionate about giving back to society all that he has learned with the intent to, says Baur on his LinkedIn page, “give back the knowledge about the magic of accelerating startup ideas in Switzerland and developing new digital companies.”


He delights in communicating with those who share the same interests, and makes himself very reachable and approachable to the public. In addition to his work, he is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown hockey club called Fribourg Gotteron and he absolutely adores following the Swiss Tennis Pros on the ATP tour.


Mike Baur has gifted the world with his think-big and common-sense approach to starting businesses. He loves what he does, and seems to have found purpose in helping and caring for others who wish to dream big. The world is truly a better place for having him in it.



José AuriemoNeto Promotes Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport

José AuriemoNeto is the CEO of JHSF. It is a leader in upscale real estate development in Brazil. Now JHSF is presenting the metropolitan region of São Paulo its first international airport. José AuriemoNeto has ensured that this airport is specifically designed for Executive Aviation. This means that the airport will be able to serve various existing executive aircraft that are doing international flights.The airport will have its own air traffic control tower. Next, it will have the precision instruments in order to ensure smooth operations. The ultra-modern infrastructure at the executive airport will be as per the international standards.

This international executive airport will be operational for 24 hours. This ensures convenience to all as there would be no restriction of any kind on the operating hours.José AuriemoNeto has ensured that the airport has a long runway with dimensions of 2.470mX 45m. This will allow it to cater to all kinds of international carriers.The Catarina Executive Airport can receive large executive jets. These include Embraer Lineage 1000E from Gulfstream, besides Gulfstream G650 and G550, as well as Bombardier Global Express. It can also receive Falcon 7X as well as Falcon 2000 models. This way there can be non-stop intercontinental flights that can go to cities like New York, London or even Paris.The airport is located just 14 minutes away from São Paulo if traveling by helicopter. It is just a 35 minutes car drive from São Paulo’s main business centers.

This airport has an approximate area of 2,000,000 sqm. This includes 50,000 sqm of hangars along with 50,000 sqm of patios.This airport will be known for its exclusive service to make the experience of flying from Catarina Executive Airport truly unique.The Aviation Terminal will be equipped with top-class infrastructure that will support passengers and crew. Besides, it will have equipment that will be used for inspecting luggage, besides people as well as documents. This way the loading and unloading procedures will become really fast and very safe too.The International Executive Airport will have a Heliport that will connect travelers with various business centers in the state capital.

Desiree Perez Has Unique Skills

Desiree Perez has earned a reputation for having strong negotiation skills as well as excellent accounting abilities. Next is her history of achievements as well as managerial talents which speak for themselves. She has earned credit for the Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour. She was a key player in the deal signed by Rihanna with Samsung.

Desiree Perez is a part of the Hova Circle which is highly influential. This is a collective that includes her husband, Jay Brown, besides Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim as well as TyTy Smith. It is this group that is behind the Roc Nation as well as Tidal too.

With all these efforts made by Desiree Perez, the Tidal app and its streaming service are able to cut their own path. The company is fast making inroads into the competitive industry of streaming of music. It is aiming to score more and more music fans as its customers.   Check this on

There is another thought making the rounds that the company will not turn down any purchase offers that may come from any corporate interests and are exciting enough. This is because Tidal is not having the same resources as its other competitors like Apple Music or Spotify. Now it is to be seen how fast Desiree Perez is able to bring Tidal back and set it on a path to glory. She has already done it earlier. Hence few doubt that she will be an achiever once again.

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Recently Tidal has attempted to focus more on new and upcoming music and not on their existent catalog of cuts any more. They are trying to promote some different categories. These would include Tidal Discovery that will be their new releases. Next will be Tidal Rising that is of upcoming artists, and another will be Tidal X featuring exclusive live material.  More to read on

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Todd Lubar Brings Real Estate Success Story To Baltimore

According to Hackronym, in the mid-2000s, a financial crisis occurred that was unlike anything in modern times. The very fabric of what makes the United States the country that it is was put in jeopardy. The crisis involved the highest levels of the financial industry. The biggest financial institutions in the country were in serious trouble. People were losing jobs every day and a sense of panic was starting to impact the nation.

At the heart of the financial crisis was the real estate industry. One of the main sources of the problems that was affecting the country were real estate loans made to millions of people who were having problems paying the loans. This situation along with other situations that were occurring around the same time caused a sequence of events to occur that challenged the nation.

In the coming months after the impact of the crisis was at its highest, real estate property value went down greatly. The economic conditions in the country reflected the problems that were happening across the nation. Real estate property was being foreclosed in record numbers, which contributed significantly to the lost of real estate value in all cities.

During this time, many cities suffered tremendously. One of these cities was Baltimore. Many homeowners saw their real estate property values hit an all-time low. Hope for the future was poor because of the bad economy. However, the financial crisis was hit head on by the government and many things were put in place to help solve the financial crisis. It took several years, but the economy improved. The value of real estate property went back to normal ranges.

In Baltimore, a real estate professional who understands the internal ways of the real estate industry was busy working during the entire financial crisis. His name is Todd Lubar. A Baltimore businessman, Todd Lubar helped people through his real estate firm that he had started a few years before the financial crisis started.

Todd Lubar’s real estate firm provides real estate loans to people interested in purchasing real estate. Todd Lubar has a special interest in helping people with a bad financial history find real estate loans. More details can be found on his LinkedIn.

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Cleansing Conditioners Will Change Your Life

Using a cleansing conditioner has many benefits. Your dry, damaged hair will become more manageable and healthy and you can expect to see results in just two weeks normally (if not sooner)! Unlike your average shampoos and conditioners, cleansing conditioners don’t contain harsh sulphates that strip your hair of its natural oils. It gently cleanses while it strengthens and moisturizes hair. Cleansing conditioners are gentle enough to use on all hair types, including color treated hair.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula that will replace your shampoo and conditioner, and it’s also a deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. WEN Hair won’t lather like your usual hair care products-proof that it is free of harsh chemicals. Sweet Almond Mint cleansing Conditioner has natural ingredients like Glycerin, a humectant that moisturizes hair, Chamomile Extract, that is known for its soothing and calming properties, and Wild Cherry Bark, that is formulated to condition locks. It also has Rosemary Extract that will help soothe hair, and Panthenol, which is designed to strengthen hair and restore it’s resilience.

Chaz Dean, the developer of WEN products, is passionate about hair and has his own salon-The Chaz Dean, located in Hollywood. He has a long list of happy clients that even includes celebrities. He styles hair for award and fashion shows and despite all of his success and fame, Chaz Dean still remains quite humble and likable. He makes his clients feel calm in his presence and his passion for hair really shows through his work.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Returns to MarTech Advisor for Guest Column

When Bob Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 we aren’t sure that even he realized just what he was creating. Talk Fusion went on to become one of the biggest video communication solution companies on the entire internet. Their work providing support to companies and customers alike has been integral and changing the way advertising works. Reina accurately made the forecast that video marketing would become the new standard, and boy was he ever correct. Reina made his return to MarTech Advisor, a top publication for Chief Marketing Officers, in order to once again pen a guest column.


In 2016 Reina was brought on by MarTech Advisor, a top ten publication for CMOs, in order to write an article about his experience with video communication solutions. The work went over well and MarTech just had to have him back. This time around Reina chose to focus on something close to home: video marketing trends. Reina’s newest column for MarTech is now online under the title of “Video Advertising Trends of 2017‘. The publication is being sent to over 1 million subscribers and it should offer quite the hefty advice for people looking to break into the successful world of communication solutions.


Reina himself was excited to once again work with MarTech Advisor. Reina stated, “I’ve returned to MarTech Advisor to share key tips for executing video and more importantly, why you should be using it, so readers can capitalize on this massive trend in 2017 and beyond.” Reina’s words are hard to dismiss due to just how successful Talk Fusion has been over the past several years. With awards, huge clients, and more in tow we bet that Talk Fusion will be changing the game in the future.



Reina’s had quite the year in 2016 and 2017 and things only seem to be getting started. Reina’s company, Talk Fusion, landed the coveted Product of the Year Award for their application, Video Chat, from TMC. This award only served to heighten Talk Fusion’s already quality reputation. We expect Talk Fusion to continue pushing forward into the future with their newest upgrades to communication solution products and services.



Get Beautiful Lips That Glisten With EOS Lip Balm Products

Find your way to long lasting coverage for your lips with a seemingly popular brand in Canada. You have the option of several different organic ingredients and delectable flavors. Give your lips an aromatherapy fragrance with Lemon drop, Wild berry, and Sorbet. Thousands of smart women on Walgreens are choosing popular EOS brands for organic coverage like Evolution of Smooth for the perfect blend of fragrance and moisture. Heighten your senses and get unique coverage for your lips at the same time with EOS lip balm products. Revolutionize the way you take charge of your lips with wonderful brands that have guaranteed proven results.

Get the maximum protections against harsh elements that leave your lips feeling dry and cracked. The winter months can be hard on your lips and require a superior product that can withstand the effects of extreme temperatures. You can also protect your lips from the harsh effects of UV rays. Immerse your lips with a unique product that will build your confidence and help you win over that special blind date. Your lips are sensitive and need a product that’s 100% hypoallergenic and provides protection for all skin types. Evolution of Smooth is a LEAP Bunny approved and cruelty-free product.

Optimize the way your lips look and feel with a brand that is committed to the care and nurturing of your lips. Get a rich blend of body butter and easy to absorb jojoba oil. Many popular celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have been seen using EOS lip balm products for moisture against the harsh lights of the camera. There are a number of products that you can use for your lips, but Evolution of Smooth is a rewarding product that will give your lips the proper blend of moisture and fragrance with every application. Join thousands of others that have chosen EOS lip balm products today. Visit the website for more information.

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Exploring the Top 3 Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgery is a procedure completed by a medical professional who is trained to deal with the bones, joints, and ligaments present within the human body. “Ortho” meaning straight and “pais” meaning child formed the basis of this practice which began when surgeons attempted to correct bone deformities in children with braces.

Common Procedures

Orthopedic surgery is common across the world. Some of the most common types of orthopedic surgeries include:

  1. Total Joint Replacement. This type of surgery is a common procedure from patients who suffer from arthritis. Surgeons seek to remove the damaged portion of various joints and replace them with metal or plastic alternatives. The helps aide in pain relief and increased range of motion.
  2. Total Shoulder Replacement. When non-surgical treatments, such as medicine and therapy, are no longer effective in treating pain many individuals seek relief from pain in their shoulder via this procedure.
  3. Spine Surgery. Increasing back pain is often the culprit for spinal surgery. The most common type of spinal surgery is known as spinal fusion, in which the surgeon joins the vertebrae together to aide in pain relief.

Meet Dr. Greg Finch

If you find yourself in need of an orthopedic surgery, it can be intimidating and worrisome. Finding an experienced orthopedic surgeon, like Greg Finch, can help relieve the stress of this invasive procedure. As a member of the Spine Society of Australia, Dr. Greg Finch specializes in Spinal Surgery, Paediatric orthopaedics and trauma, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Paediatric Orthopaedics and Trauma, and Orthopaedic Surgery.

Experienced orthopedic surgeons like Greg Finch can help alleviate pain that many patients have dealt with for years. Through the aforementioned pain relief, increased range of motion, and realignment, orthopedic surgeons can help improve the quality of life for their clients.


Fabletics Builds On Your Identity

As far back as planned rules and frameworks in design affected the sportswear business, one’s idea of working out has been unbelievably influenced by their self-affirmation and what they look like and feel in sportswear. Not one to let the opportunity slip away, Kate Hudson is set up to address the market with her comprehension of accomplishment re-imagined under the name ‘Fabletics’, a connection which keeps running on the ideal couple of outstanding administration, individual to individual taste-driven sportswear and availability choices both at the store and on the web. While attempting to change a business into a $250 million dollar worth industry in just three short years, Fabletics enters the game with a continuous data driven edge in ‘activewear’. This needs participation for individuals to buy apparel tailor-fitted to their exercises and particular things done in the day.


Brands are used to following the obsolete routine of relying on a competitive market cost and mind blowing quality alone and see this as the best way to deal with securing a piece of the general business in an industry. This is not the way Fabletics plans to go about it, picking rather to sparkle in the customer’s brain by concentrating on bringing complete satisfaction to things like the ‘last mile’ of customer care and draws in clients with occasions, events and other such grassroots engagement to keep them included and captivated.


The Fabletics General Manager believes that the differentiator for the brand is it’s information driven way to deal with business and learning in view of the very character of the purchaser itself, hence empowering Fabletics to be an overnight hit with buyers. This builds up a relationship of the brand with a high incentive for clients instantly, instead of falling prey to customers researching stores just to look for a less costly choice elsewhere, costing associations tremendous heaps of money. 30% of people walking around the store are customers as of now and another 25% more end up as one themselves in the store. Any garments worn by the customer goes into the electronic shopping basket too, changing retail into a deliverable; an indispensable moving force behind the brand that Fabletics has got by the horns.


Fabletics expects to satisfy users by coming back to the old ‘personal touch’ based procedure behind the way individuals select their dress, with it’s unprecedented methodology of ‘reverse showrooming’, in which the brand interfaces with the general populace at a grassroots level with occasions and exercises gathering more brand review and a positive experience for it’s potential clientele.


On writing about the brand, Teri Hutcheon, the blogger of ‘A Foodie Stays Fit, views Fabletics as the go-to place for the ideal buy on the basis of both cost and quality. The bra that she tried on was extremely satisfying on all these fronts. She cherished that the brand gave all around fitted outfit that didn’t fade away in shading or color, nor lose shape after some time. So treat yourself to the most flawlessly awesome in made-to-demand person-based sportswear.