The Success of Martin Lustgarten in Investment Banking

The Investment banking industry plays a pivotal role in the economy of a nation. Investment banks are involved in the creation of capital for government and corporations. The exact scope of services that they offer may vary depending on its size and the country it is located. Below are some of the common services offered by most investment banks around the globe:-

Raising Capital and Security Underwriting

Here, an investment bank will act as an intermediary between the buying public and the company issuing new securities. The bank is involved in establishing the prices of the securities and handling subsequent transactions on behalf of the firm.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions involve complex processes such as valuation, pricing, negotiation, and structuring of transactions. It is the responsibility of an investment bank to handle these duties on behalf of the entities involved. The bank should also ensure that the process is carried out as per the laws of the countries concerned.

Sales & Trading and Equity Research

With the many buyers and sellers of securities in the market, investments banks offer a platform where these entities can come together and exchange securities. The banks also ensure that every buyer and seller’s needs are met and that official documents on the transactions are maintained.

Retail and Commercial Banking

Since 1999, investment banks have been offering traditional banking services such as depositing and withdrawing cash. This was made possible by the repealing of Glass-Steagall. Most firms prefer to have their traditional and investment banking departments separated.

The investment-banking industry has seen drastic changes since the financial crisis of 2008. These new plans have been implemented to safeguard the public from future crashes and tame rogue traders and firms. Investment bankers such as Martin Lustgarten have ensured the success of these changes.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a successful investment banker with a keen eye for international investments. He believes that spreading one’s wealth between many countries helps investors to benefit from growths in the economies of such nations. Martin is a citizen of Venezuela and Austria.

Lustgarten is a keen investor whose moves are followed keenly in the industry. His advice has been of help to many individuals as their portfolios grow steadily. He resides in Ponte Vedra beach, Florida. Martin is the founder of Lustgarten, an investment banking agency, which offers various services to its broad clients.



Home Cleaning Services with Handy

A clean, pristine home is every homeowner’s dream. Without the relevant skills, home cleaning can turn to be an overwhelming task. Hence, the need for reliable home cleaning services is paramount to every homeowner. Handy Home Cleaning Services is an exceptionally leading home cleaning service provider servicing the entire of London. Handy ensures every homeowner lives in a conducive and clean environment in his or her home. Handy services are well crafted to meet the varied needs of different consumers. Since young, considerate and visional managers run the cleaning firm, people that need their services should take advantage of their affordable cleaning plans.

Handy home cleaning service providers offer their full spectrum of cleaning services via widely available platforms. The young firm has an internet-based booking avenue from where homeowners can plan and schedule an appointment with their choice of the many highly trained, qualified and experienced as well as certified professionals. Handy home cleaners have developed their system in a responsive manner to ease the booking process and save on time. A homeowner in need of home cleaning services is required to access online booking platform, simply select the most convenient date, and time that a professional cleaner should visit their place.

On booking an appointment, Handy then confirms the appointment and leverages a properly secured path to receive payments electronically. A well-equipped home cleaner will report to the homeowner’s place on time. Handy provides its cleaning services to other areas such as Newham, Camden, Haringey, and Bromley. However, other surrounding areas like Enfield, Havering and Southwark can get Handy’s home cleaning services on request. The cleaning experts at Handy are trustworthy, and hence the homes of their clients are in safe hands. Additionally, Handy has insured all of its cleaning professionals and run a robust background check on them. All of the firm’s staff are friendly, thereby fostering a good firm-client relationship.

Handy assures its clients of next day availability when their services are needed. Homeowners need approximately one minute to schedule an appointment through Handy’s online booking platform. Handy also features a 100% money-back guarantee assurance, which ensures clients are fully satisfied with Handy’s home cleaning services. To ensure proper customer relations and satisfaction, Handy has set an efficient team of friendly and well-trained customer care experts who offer quality services on a 24/7 basis. The charging if the cleaning services are designed to cater for both taxes and tips. Interestingly, Handy has developed an app from which, after downloading, clients can get access to a full spectrum of booking tools among other excellent services.


Billy McFarland Conquers The World

Starting a new business is no small job, but making it successful is even more remarkable in most cases. Billy McFarland started his first business at age 13 and it was successful from the outset, as it found new customers for a local business.

While at Bucknell, as a freshman computer engineering, he founded Spling, a business that modifies the URL of companies and changes them into graphics which are used to enhance the brand of the company. The business is still a going concern with McFarland as the CEO. Customers such as Warner, Discovery, Universal and Hearst attest to its success.

According to The Guardian, at the age of 23, Bily McFarland started Magnises, a New York City company that caters to millennials. Magnises is a club that allows members to receive substantial discounts from many of their favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, events, travel availabilities, concerts and special events.

Membership is $250 annually which allows members to use the “Black Card.” This card copies the information from the credit or debit card of the member, which is used to pay at the member businesses and apply the discount.

Membership is not automatic, and there is an online application form that is required to be filled out, and then approved by management. Businesses are screened as well before they can become a membership provider. The business must buy into the concept of additional service levels and that they will be involved for the long term.

The growth of Magnises has been off the charts, as evidenced at the end of 2015 with an excess of 10,000 members in New York City and Washington D.C., the two locations of the business. In fact, ownership of a Black Card has become the one possession of value to be prized. If a new person is in the group, members strongly advocate membership in Magnises so the right people can be met.

McFarland states that it is time to expand, as there are millions of millennials in other metro areas. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and London are targeted as near-term possibilities. A recent influx of $3 million will help in this effort for sure. The business model is working well, and it will work in other locations too.

Securus Technologies Creates Family Moments for Inmates Every Year!

Imagine the excitement of a young boy or girl waiting for Santa to arrive with Christmas presents they have been dreaming about for almost the whole year. The joys of seeing a family unite over food, fellowship, and gifts is one of the things that makes this holiday so special for many people.


But how can these kids experience this when their loved one is locked up in jail for Christmas? A simple call is all they need to make to see, hear, and feel the warmth of their loved one’s smile and see the gifts lying around the tree live while on the call. The inmate timidly dials the number hoping that someone would answer the call, what he or she finds is a world of sound and excitement of gifts being torn apart by kids and the looks of a hungry spouse anxiously putting those final touches on some holiday ham. The inmate smiles and wants to shed a tear as he experiences a little ray of hope from the confines of a indoor courtyard prison area.


Securus Technologies is a company committed to connecting people with experiences in a safe and controlled environment. Their services of inmate monitoring and recording software is some of the best in the nation. This company serves over 45 states and over 2,600 inmate facilities throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Over 1,000,000 inmates can make calls just like the one described above every day of the year. For more information about this company, check out link: click here


The company is headquartered in Dallas,TX with four offices in that metro area and they also have an office in Atlanta,GA. This company is great because they specialize exclusively in helping law enforcement communities and correctional facilities with their service needs making for a great experience for all who use their top rated products. For more information and reviews about this company check out this link: BBB Review

Lime Crime Cosmetics by Doe Deere

Quite often, men and women see cosmetics as a veil of vanity that helps one cover blemishes or other characteristics that are not seen as appealing in the general population. However, there is a completely different concept of what cosmetics and fashion mean for one Russian-born CEO of a cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Doe Deere, the founder of the company, moved to New York City as a teen and now lives in Los Angeles. Doe set her course in 2008 to help others see that cosmetics and fashion have a much deeper purpose if one is open to use them as a form of freedom and self-expression. This means that each person is unique in the way they choose their colors and styles, as their choices are to be based on what makes that person feel their best. She extends this respect of people to her own employees, and anyone else she works with. Doe believes in treating others with respect and positive reinforcement.


Lime Crime has created intense colors for what has turned into a national fan base, some may even say the colors are so bold and vibrant it should be against the law! Doe has made sure that her line of cosmetics is vegan and animal-friendly. Doe Deere also donates to animal rescue organizations and has adopted several rescue cats of her own. But her ambitions do not stop there! Doe is an advocate for women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs. She has presented at public events including PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.


One twist to the Lime Crime Company is that it Doe does not make any product available to her customers unless she tries it first. She prides herself on producing an authentic product that she has experienced herself and can stand behind. As an entrepreneur herself, Doe knows her brand and what she wants it to stand for. She trusts her gut, and that is because she is 100% invested in her product.


Deere doesn’t seem to be concerned with the increase in consumers shopping online for cosmetics, as she feels the proper presentation of the products online will make them just as marketable as being able to try them on inside a physical store. This has been achieved by utilizing an interactive lip swatch online that allows the customer to see the color on lips instead of a blank background. The increase in online shopping has allowed for national marketing and distribution. From the successful outlook of this motivated entrepreneur, Lime Crime is just getting started!



Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically @TheStoryXchange –

Cotemar’s Excellent Services

Cotemar is a Mexican company that was founded in 1979 as an accommodation and catering services and specialized vessels service provider. It has grown rapidly over the years and added more specialized equipment and machinery to its fleet to enable it support more complex jobs. It is now one of the leading service providers in the oil and gas industry. The company is committed to excellence and provides safe and high-quality services. It always strives to exceed its clients’ expectations.

Cotemar’s service offering is divided into three categories:

Construction and Maintenance Services

These services deal with the maintenance and rehabilitation of clients’ offshore platforms and oil processing centers. Cotemar has been doing this for over three decades and is therefore very good at it. The experts at Cotemar handle the whole process from the prefabrication stage to the commissioning of service lines.

Transportation and marine support services

Cotemar has specialized vessels which it uses to transport personnel, food and other supplies needed for various operations. It recently acquired vessels that can transport liquid as well as solid substances, enabling it to provide even better services to its clients. Cotemar also provides towing services for large vessels and emergency escape services, for instance, in case of a fire. The boats and vessels are frequently inspected and serviced to keep them in excellent working condition and ensure the safety of the people working on board and the items being transported.

Catering and accommodation services

Cotemar provides catering and accommodation services to both its employees and clients on Cotemar platforms and ships. Some of these services are food preparation, laundry and cleaning services among others. Cotemar can provide accommodation for up to 800 people.


Cotemar’s success is largely attributed to its employees. The company invests heavily in their continuous training and strives to provide them with favorable working conditions. The current job vacancies and application requirements can be viewed on the company’s website. The company also works hard to stay abreast with technological advancements which it uses to better its services and processes. It has a portal through which they can communicate directly with their clients in order to simplify the procurement process. The company also strives to keep the community updated on its recent developments through its website. Cotemar’s services are competitively priced and its quality of services and efficiency of operations cannot be compared to any other company.


Bruce Levenson: Former Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks And Very Active Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson was the owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks from 2004 until 2015 when he decided to sell the team along with his partners at Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE). According to ESPN, the sale was finalized as planned, but now Levenson and AHBE want payments from their former insurance company, AHBE for losses relating to the contract buyout of former team GM Danny Ferry. Levenson and AHBE say that buying out the GM’s contract was covered under losses in the team’s insurance policy, and they also say they met the requirements that were needed to file a claim for these losses according to AJC. But so far the insurance company has refused to pay compensation to AHBE or Ferry, and Levenson and AHBE are now taking them to court in what looks to be a contentious battle.

Bruce Levenson not only owned the Atlanta Hawks for 12 years, he also is the founder of several companies, most notably Unified Communications Group (UCG). He got his degree from American University and served at the now defunct Washington Star for a few years. Then he and Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own publication company, and it began with an oil industry newsletter called Oil Express. It grew from there into a major conglomerate after UCG started up more newsletters covering industries from healthcare to mortgage banks. Levenson also served on the board of BIA Digital Partners.

Levenson also has donated a lot to charities, and even sat on the board of several foundations including Hoop Dreams and the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson is a contributor to the Washington D.C. Holocaust Memorial Museum and helped pilot the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program there. He also helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, and also helped launch the Concert Against Hate just a year ago.


Source: brucelevenson website

Billy McFarland The Opportunist

Some people feel that opportunity only knocks once in a person’s lifetime, but Billy McFarland would certainly disagree with that. At the ripe young age of 13, he formed his first company which found clients for a local company.

When he was a freshman in college at Bucknell University, he started a company called Spling, which takes URLs of companies and turns them into graphic designs, a novel and thoughtful way to make them stand out and become a marketing tool. McFarland is still the CEO, and the company has done well. They have clients such as Discovery and Universal.

In 2013 Billy McFarland put together a new company called Magnises which was a platform for millennials for them to enjoy discounts, perks and other advantages for social and business venues which they were already involved. This is a natural process because millennials love to get together and share, talk and make business deals.

The item that makes the program work is the Black Card. This card directly transfers all of the information from a member’s debit or credit card onto the magnetic strip of the card. For a modest fee of a $250, a member gets excellent discounts at restaurants, bars, clubs, social events, concerts and other venues. It is not unusual to get a complimentary bottle of wine at dinner, or preferred seating at an event.

According to Forbes, To emphasize the fact that Billy McFarland’s idea is here to stay is the 10,000 plus membership that was tallied at the end of 2015. McFarland has gotten to the point where he can be a bit discriminating about who he allows becoming members, as evidenced by the online application form.

Businesses are also carefully screened to make certain that they understand how the expectations of special treatment must be maintained as well as the pre-negotiated discounts will be offered without fail.

A recent infusion of $3 million from a venture capitalist has McFarland looking at expansion possibilities away from the Hew York City location. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and London are prime candidates.

The business model works well, and there is no reason it won’t work elsewhere. Most cities have good populations of professionals in the 21 to 35 age range. All it takes is sound management and dedication to the cause. Everything looks good, and McFarland is set to make sure things stay that way.

Devco Acknowledges that Loan is Still Unpaid

Lack of Repayment of Loan is Questioned:

In recent reports by the, The Middlesex County Improvement Authority made no effort to pay one-million dollars in principal and interest on a loan received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The loan amount is for twenty-million dollars. The lack of responsibility, in paying back the loan amount is not new: The Improvement Authority previously, has been in the arrears for 5 years, and has accumulated almost seven million dollars in payments-missed.

The original loan was made in 2005. The loan’s purpose was for construction of The Heldrich: a hotel inside of New Brunswick. The loan was originated for a non-profit entity referred to as the New Brunswick Development Corporation. The previously-mentioned setup is additionally a model for the Atlantic City Development Corporation. The Atlantic City Development Corporation is a sister-firm that is expecting to oversee above $200 million in private and public finance. The preceding amount includes $19.5 million in CRDA Money. The funds will be used to establish the Gateway project in the Chelsea area.

The corporation was spoken of highly by the state Senate President Stephen Sweeney. He mentioned that the corporation was a prime example of what progress is made when public funding is made available through private organizations, in order to initiate large-sized construction projects.

The individual, who heads the two preceding corporations, is Chris Paladino. Mr. Paladino is the individual responsible for arranging the $20 million Heldrich loan. Mr. Paladino, made mention of the fact, that CRDA will receive its money; however, payment is going to take several more years.

The Heldrich Hotel is a two-hundred thirty-five room hotel property that opened its doors in 2007. During, the opening phase of the hotel operation, the adversity, tied to the economy, began to take root. As a result of the prior downturn, within the economy, the hotel has had to work, exceeding hard, in way of attracting new customers. The hotels’ rate of occupancy, recently, has been right around sixty-three and five-tenths of a percent.

The hotel’s largest account is Johnson & Johnson. The company executives, of Johnson & Johnson, sit on the Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Development Corporation. The hotel is strapped for cash, so in order to address the issue, the corporation provided about seven-hundred seventy-six thousand dollars of its money, in order to fund basic expenditures—in way of Capital. The hotel needed such rudimentary items as carpeting and new mattresses. The preceding information was provided by Mr. Paladino. Mr. Paladino, further added, that they were still participating in the project and that they wished to make it vital.

The twenty-million CRDA loan was part of approximately one-hundred seven million dollars in financing, put in place, by the corporation, in order to construct the hotel. The loan package was inclusive of seventy million dollars in municipal bonds. The bonds were issued by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The bonds are to be paid by means of money, generated from the operation of the hotel. The preceding thought is all well and good, except for one very important issue: the hotel has not performed as expected.

So far, thirty million dollars in bonds have been repaid; at a rate of around five-percent interest, according to the loan’s schedule. Subordinate bond-holders have not seen any money in years.

During the interim, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority is in the stages of issuing one-hundred twenty million dollars in bonds, in May, for the Gateway project. There are plans, underway, to construct a satellite campus for Stockton University. The bonds will be repaid by way of payments, made through residential payments, for rooms, within the University’s dormitory. Repayment is also forthcoming by means of the sale of tax credits.

John Cantalupo is the counsel, with respect to the bonds for the Atlantic County Improvement Authority. Mr. Cantalupo, stated, in so many words, that he had looked over the financing of the hotel and that he was confident the Gateway bonds will not experience any short-falls. He further commented that the project, for the satellite education institution, and the hotel project were very dissimilar.

Governor Chris Christie, in December, signed into law which would bar state-run agencies the ability to provide loans, grants and other types of subsidies to business entities. The business entities included fall into the categories of the not-for-profit sector and corporations, which have defaulted on bonds and loans.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation, then, made arrangements, with respect to financing for the hotel. The Middlesex County Improvement goes on record, as the borrower of twenty million dollars.

Ms. Maria Prato is the spokesperson for the Improvement Authority. Ms. Prato made a statement that the CRDA loan documentation, shows that the loan is secured. Its payment is to come from revenue, that is made available by means of the project; and payment is issued to Senior public holders of bonds. She further, stated, that they were confident that as the project, continued economically, to improve, concurrently with the improvement of the overall economy—that it would be in a position to pay back all of its obligations, that are outstanding.

John Palmieri, CRDA Executive Director, made the acknowledgement, recently, that repayment of the twenty million dollars has not occurred as originally thought. He mentioned that the agency participated in the loan, aware that a subordinate lender would be part of the project. The subordinate lender is the last in line to be paid. He further mentioned that they took risks on loans; although, the underwriting of the loan was handled quite carefully. The risks, associated with the loan, come by the means of other Senior Lenders.

He advised, that in the case of the Heldrich; tangible elements, within the environment, are measured. The impacts, according to Paladino, include the hotel’s employment of two-hundred, thirty-five workers, and $1.2 million in way of real estate taxes; the hotel’s ability to generate income on an annualized basis; wherein, revenues, originate. from one-hundred thousand clients visiting the hotel in 2015. Paladino further stated that they took a poor in appearance looking block and turned it into an area worth visiting. He stated, too, that he will be more pleased with the project, once it reaches completion.

Notes About Devco:

DEVCO oversees the establishment of corporate policy-making; inside a broad framework of international business. It adapts to the ever continual requirements of its allied neighbors. The preceding is inclusive of a cooperative effort with that of the Corporation, to the ever evolving requirements of associated nations.

DEVCO holds the responsibility as to the formulation of EU developmental policy and other themed policies with the concept in mind to decrease global impoverishment and, further, to assure that the current economy remains sustainable. It works to assure environment and social development is continual and the organization promotes democratic ideas. It advocates to the rules of law, as well as to that of a strong government and in respecting a person’s rights. The preceding activities are made possible by way of external based aid. Devco coordinates efforts between the European Union and its member states.




Unique Ways In Which Mike Baur Is Supporting The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur, formerly a Swiss private banker, has ventured into business and his biggest motivation is to see young entrepreneurs attain success. He has come up with an idea that is making the process easier and this is through the Swiss Startup Factory, an incubation hub that is offering young and talented startups a platform to nurture their ideas.


Incepted in 2014, Swiss Startup Factory has grown into the biggest incubation hub in Switzerland and most of the startups that have gone through the system have grown into competitive businesses in the digital market. The program is run through a three-month session where the startups are taken through the most important steps of running and managing a business. They are exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and made to understand the kind of challenges they are likely to encounter along the way.


Acceleration program

The acceleration program offers the startups an opportunity to steer their ideas to the next level through a monitored system that is manned by professionals with a massive experience record. To make this process more effective, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with leading universities across the countries in a bid to make access to vital resources possible. Within the three months, entrepreneurs are able to understand what needs to be injected in their particular businesses to accelerate growth and enhance performance in the competitive space.


Co-working space

Through the program, startups can enjoy the co-working space that is availed to help them manage their affairs. There are professionals in virtually all specialties in the space and one can connect with people who have different skills through consultation sessions. This makes it easier to access solutions to various problems whenever they arise.


Accounting/legal support for startups

Apart from nurturing the structure of the startup, the Swiss Startup Factory also offers the entrepreneurs a chance to access accounting and legal support that may be necessary to assure the smooth running of their businesses later. There are professionals in these fields who review the structure of the business then come up with plans that are workable for that particular startup.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is a professional whose dedication and zeal for success has remained strong ever since he was a teenager. He aspired to be a banker, a profession he pursued and having worked in the Swiss banking industry for nearly 20 years, he exited in 2014 and launched the Swiss Startup Factory, which is supporting startups across the country.