Pattiz Launches New Podcast

Norman Pattiz, head of PodcastOne, is bringing a touch of the paranormal to listeners with a new series title Beyond the Darkness. Experts in the world of supernatural research and investigation will meet up with professional wrestler and podcast darling Chris Jericho to discuss demons, ghosts, monsters, aliens and inexplicable mysteries of the bizarre variety.


The Jericho Network was the perfect fit for such a show, Pattiz noted in a recent statement. Since coming to this corner of the entertainment world, Jericho has been part of many shows on PodcastOne that have helped to grow the network’s audience. This has gone well beyond wrestling fans Jericho brought with him to his discussion shows, making it clear that he’s the perfect fit to host discussions on new topics.


With such an instrumental position within PodcastOne, it’s fitting that Jericho is equally excited over what Time Dennis and Dave Schrader, the hosts of the show, will bring to listeners every week. Both hosts have extensive history covering paranormal, and these experts know how to put topics on Beyond the Darkness in the proper context for listeners new to the subject.


Subscribers to PodcastOne shows can except Beyond the Darkness to be released Mondays on the PodcastOne app. It, along with other PodcastOne shows, are also made available on iTunes.


About Norman Pattiz:


Founder of Westwood One, one of the largest radio networks to provide broadcasts across the continental United States, Norman Pattiz has enjoyed a lengthy career in broadcasting. By 2010, Pattiz’s media empire grew with Courtside Entertainment Group, where he shifted focus to the ever-growing online audience. This prompted the founding of PodcastOne, reaching discerning listeners with content curated for savvy media consumers.


Beyond the world of business, Pattiz has been active in government communications. In 2000 he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors, serving under both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In this capacity, Pattiz oversaw distribution of government funds to programs like “Voice of America,” “Radio Free Europe,” and “Middle East Broadcasting.” Pattiz was also responsible for regulating programming broadcast in Arabic and Farsi in the United States and in more than 22 other countries, making responsible for more than 40 million listeners.


By 2009 Pattiz’s contributions to broadcasting was recognized by the Library of American Broadcasting and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award. In the same year Pattiz’ name was also added to the National Radio Hall of Fame.

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Josh Verne And The Right Mindset In Leading

While a lot of people are followers, many of them have dreams of being leaders. However, not that many have an idea of what it means to be a leader. After all, a lot of leaders don’t get respect because they don’t act like a respectable leader. They are more interested in controlling others. Some either grow from their experiences and become the respectable leader. Others tend to lose out on some valuable lessons. Josh Verne himself has discovered the importance of being a leader as opposed to being a boss. He talks about it on many occasions.


One thing that Josh has done was develop the necessary mindset for effective leadership. This involves putting others first. Therefore, he has to be willing to serve those that follow him. He has to also be willing to show people the way as opposed to just sitting around expecting them to follow orders. Fortunately, Josh Verne has shown that he is someone that is respectable. He has taken the time to help the employee out in this respect. This also makes it easier for the employee to adapt to the job environment.


Josh Verne also has a lot of advice for people in many different circumstances. One thing that is a given in the workplace is disputes. There are always going to be disputes. Therefore, when it comes time to help with the dispute, it is important to listen to both parties. One of the worst things that could be done is to make it look like one is taking sides in the dispute. This could alienate one party. As a result, the mediator is going to be made to look bad. Josh Verne has learned how to solve many problems when it comes to the workplace. For one thing, he has realized that he is growing.

Achieving Success Through Jim Hunt’s Strategies With VTA Publications

If you are looking for high quality business and investment products, you are in the right place. Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a renowned creator of high-demand business and wealth-building information products, including books, ebooks, courses and training programs. You will want to check Jim out if you have never read about him and his stock trading programs.

Jim is obviously a reliable entrepreneur, author, publisher and business coach. Jim is highly experienced in a variety of business and finance subjects and published his books and training programs through VTA Publications, a well-established and successful publishing enterprise on

Jim Hunt has declared to make his mother a millionaire in the stock market, and it is without a doubt going to occur in just 10 trades. The first part of the process has been recorded and is accessible on YouTube. It is normally an appealing challenge and numerous individuals have trust that Jim will deliver on his promise as he has often done in the past.

New entrepreneurs on starting in the stock market for the first time have to have access to high-quality sources of quality education and training in order to make a fortune. Just like figuring out to ride a bike, you should set up the system and have the ability to keep progressing and you will without any doubt realize huge profits on

One incredible benefit of acquiring stock trading skill is that it lasts a lifetime. You have several years to develop and hone your capabilities. You can reach your goals without struggles once you get the knack of what works and what to stay clear of.

Jim Hunt has produced the appropriate training programs and courses for you to utilize. With his great experience in the sector and commitment to giving top quality advice and guidance, Jim is definitely no doubt one of the brightest minds in the investment and business enterprise sectors.

By following the programs and tutorials put together by Jim Hunt, and published by VTA Publications, anybody who is truly serious about becoming financially self-sufficient will be absolutely able to do and transform their life.

How Evolution Of Smooth Took Over Lip Balm

An Eye For Millennial Women

When Evolution of Smooth was founded in 2007 it was created with a female demographic in mind. This was considered a dangerous move, but the founders of EOS had research indicating that women were in fact using lip balm at much greater rates than men. Creating a brand of lip balm specifically meant for women was exactly what they set out to do. With the help of social media and celebrities they would finally sell their ideas.

Social Media Changes Everything

Evolution of Smooth is a product of the late 2000s and it reflects the way marketing changed last decade. Instead of focusing on creating a television campaign and centering everything around that, EOS lip balm sought to target young women by appealing to them in social media and music videos. When these girls saw their favorite celebrities and web personalities wearing EOS lip balm and taking selfies with it the success would come naturally. Now Evolution of Smooth is a company worth millions and one of the most popular brands of lip balm in the world. In fact, Evolution of Smooth ( is even more popular than Chap Stick.

Where Evolution Of Smooth Goes From Here

Evolution of Smooth is planning to expand beyond the lip balm market and target other personal care products. Today, the brand is being sold on major stores such as Amazon and eBay. With Evolution of Smooth lotion and shaving cream among some of the latest products that EOS is promoting it seems as if that idea is nearing fruition. Building a brand, especially a cosmetic brand, isn’t an easy thing to do. Trying to take over the lip balm market seemed like an odd idea to many people, but it has clearly paid off. The future looks bright for Evolution of Smooth and none can deny its power or success. To learn more about EOS’ success, visit


How Mike Baur Is Transforming Lives Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who previously worked as a banker in the private banking industry of Switzerland. He is the brain behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which has been giving support to talented IT startups within Switzerland. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has supported many young entrepreneurs, who finally made their dreams a reality by getting the needed support to launch their ideas. To offer the young entrepreneurs a chance to progress, the company offers a three-month incubation program that allows them to access all the support they need to kick start their ideas.


Business strategy

In the absence of a clear strategy, a business cannot manage the vagaries that come about while running the business. Young entrepreneurs often lack the needed experience to mitigate some of the challenges that are presented while running the business. To overcome these problems, there is need to come up with a strategy that spells out what course of actions to take in the event the business suffers one of the problems that kill startups. The Swiss Startup Factory offers the entrepreneurs a chance to learn about the industry and to draft business strategies that are considerate of the challenges that threaten the progress of a young business.


Mentorship from experienced professionals

Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory allows the entrepreneurs to meet with highly experienced professionals, who own and run big businesses in different industries. The interactions they hold with these professionals support them to understand about the market and in the event they feel stuck, they have people who are capable to consult. This mentorship program equips the entrepreneurs well to face the complexities of the market.


Additionally, entrepreneurs can also get funding from the investors, who are people with many years working on the development of businesses. Once the program is over after the three months, the Swiss Startup Factory offers the entrepreneurs a post accelerator support for five months to monitor their progress.


More about Mike Baur

Born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur who worked in the Swiss private banking industry for almost 20 years before he resigned to venture into entrepreneurship. At the age of 39, he moved from banking to entrepreneurship and this action saw him launch the Swiss Startup Factory, a company that has been offering startups the needed support to grow to become successful businesses.


Vinny Parascandola’s Leadership Maintains AXA’s Advisors Leading Position

AXA is the trademark name of the AXA Equitable Financial Services and its affiliated companies. Services that the AXA brand of companies’ offers includes wealth management and financial protection. These companies are also premier providers of services such as financial advice, retirement strategies, life insurance and employee benefits. AXA has an incredible wealth of experience; they began service to clients as early as 1859, helping them actualize dreams for their legacy and loved ones as well.


The main AXA’s life insurance company; AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company is among the leading companies in the United States offering life insurance and retirement savings. This is a company that boasts of an estimated 2.47 million household clients across the nation. The firm has over four thousands of professional financial advisors to help families, individuals, and business owners in coming up with strategies to help them make substantial progress on their path to financial security.


As an executive of the main U.S branch of the Paris-headquartered Group, Vincent Parascandola is one of the people driving the company. He serves as the Senior Executive Vice President and is responsible for management development, retention, and recruiting, sales, productivity, development of professional and experienced financial experts.


Mr. Parascandola is richly experienced with over 25 years of experience in the sector. He started his career in 1987 serving as an agent who got recognized as the National Rookie of the Year. In 1990, Vinny went to serve MONY Life Insurance holding a variety of both local and national field management roles before joining the AXA Advisors in 2004. Upon arrival at AXA, he was named as the president of the Advantage Group; an affiliate of the AXA Equitable which was created to attract experienced financial experts. He has also served as the co-manager of AXA’s New York Metro Branch.


Vinny has been recognized for his remarkable leadership, earning himself several management awards in his career. These awards include GAMA’s Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. He is also reputed for his oratory skills and has spoken in many company and industry summits. He is also a member of GAMA and the ex-president of Florida chapter.

Who’s Top Dog In Modern Day Haircare

If you walk down the isle of your favorite stores like Sephora in search of hair care products, doesn’t the isle seem to go on and on for days? Haircare, especially for women, Is a billion dollar industry in itself without the sales of men haircare products. Some of the very best brands such as L’Oréal, Aveda, Olay, TRESSemme, Matrix, Head & Shoulders as well as Pantene have dominated the scene for a century. These are the tried and true brands that has lasted the test of time, but there is a new king of the hill and it’s making huge waves in this exclusive field.

WEN hair is the brand of choice by most women because it fully delivers on it’s promises. WEN products give you everything that’s needed in a great haircare product. It moistens, conditions, clean, and nourishes the hair thanks to it’s all-natural base structure. This structure is made up of organic compounds such as:

  • Chamomile Extract
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Panthenol
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Glycerin
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • And many more

Did you know that many of today’s top haircare brands are synthetically produced? That’s right! There isn’t anything natural about and these formulas can be harmful with consistent use. These harmful sulfates causes dry scalp, dandruff, flakes, as well as hairloss to a stronger degree.

Organic based products gives you what nature intended as mother nature will always win out over anything man-made. WEN’s 5-in-1 Conditioner is a fan favorite because it’s easy to use, provides more moisture, removes tangles, and makes your hair more manageable. It’s a no brainer when you think about so throw away those potential hairloss agents and take your health back by using what manifested from the earth.

View the company’s crunchbase profile for more information.

Need Wen? Head over to the online store:


Brian Torchin Helps Job-Seekers Find Careers In Medicine

The medical field is quite strong as it has many careers someone may choose from, and the jobs are often difficult to select. This article explains how Brian Torchin is helping those who wish to find better medical jobs, and he will share information online with anyone who needs it. Brian has built a large medical placement agency to ensure everyone who wants a job will find one.

#1: What Did Brian Do At HCRC?

Brian built HCRC into a fine medical placement agency, and he is certain everyone who wishes to find a better job will find it with his firm. He has a blog through his company where he shares quite a lot of information, and the information ensures someone looking for a better job may find it.

#2: What Does Brian’s Blog Do?

Everything Brian Torchin places on social media links back to his blog, and the blog has quite a lot of information that he has collected over the years. Brian wishes to offer information that changes the way people will search for jobs, and he will continue researching the industry until his clients are placed well.

#3: How Does Brian Place Clients?

According to Behance, Brian Torchin has many relationships in the industry that he may use to help place clients, and he has found quite a lot of places where clients may work well. He is willing to send clients to placements when they are a match for the job, or he will send them to an interview he has secured.

The process of completing a placement helps clients get to work immediately, or they may go to an interview that will help them land a netter job.

Brian Torchin has been building his brand for many years on the faith of his ability to find better medical jobs. He knows how to help someone when they are looking for a specific job, and he will guide them in the right direction as they search. Every medical job is suited to a certain resume, and Brian knows how to help clients place their faith in their skills and background.

Eric Pulier; Changing the World through Technology.

The American Entrepreneur Eric Pulier is well known for his philanthropic activities, he is also an author and based in Los Angeles. His area of upbringing was Teaneck, New Jersey. Since he was a child he has been interested in computer programming computers. As result of his improved skills, he started a company while he was in high school; this was a database company. He was admitted to Harvard University to undertake the Bachelors of English and Literature, this was in 1984.

While still in Harvard University he made a contribution to the column known as The Harvard Crimson, which he was an editor and a writer. He is also an alumnus of the MIT where he awarded the magna cum laude in 1988. Pulier relocated to Los Angeles where he established a company that dealt with health care, education amongst other issues that are concerned with the utilization of technology. He founded another company known as Digital Evolution that is an interactive agency. The company amalgamated with the U.S interactive LLC. He has also been involved with the formation of the Starbright World, this is a social network meant to be used by the chronically ill children, it is an infrastructure where they can chat as well as post comment to their peers.

He took part in the Presidential Technology Exhibition that was held in Washington DC. This was after he was appointed by the Inaugural President Committee to make and execute the function. It was after this function that he took part in health care and technology workshop of the vice president Al Gore.During this function, he gave advice on the initiatives on health care and technology. He is also involved in the Clinton Global Initiative.

During his entrepreneurial journey, he has founded other companies such as Akana, Desktone amongst others. He is the author of a well-recognized book that focuses on the services oriented architecture, a book known as Understanding Enterprise SOA.

In addition, Pulier is also the financial supporter of many non-profit organizations. He has been a member of the painted turtle, X-Prize Foundation amongst other philanthropic initiatives where he serves as a member.



A Look At Igor Cornelsen And Some Of His Tips For Investors Who Is Igor Cornelsen?

Mr. Cornelsen was a banker, investor, stock market trader and financial consultant to banks in Brazil. When Igor was an advisor to a major bank in Brazil, he helped the bank gain international fame for its rapid growth and profitability even under times of economic downturns. Now, Igor considers himself to be semi-retired and spends most his time enjoying the warmth of the South Florida coast and playing golf in his spare time.

Igor Cornelsen has not left the investment world completely however. He still operates a financial consulting firm called Bainbridge Inc., that is headquartered offshore in the Bahamas. Bainbridge Inc., provides financial advice to people looking to invest into the stock market. It also offers portfolio management and advisory service on

The specialty of Bainbridge Inc. is investments in Brazil. This a country where Igor Cornelsen has spent many years living, working and investing in. It is also how he has made a name for himself as well as how he obtained a small fortune. Below are some tips from the American investor.

Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

The Tips For All Investors From Igor Cornelsen

Change your mindset says Igor when you are looking at investments. You have to think long term to be truly successful in the world of investments on If you are only thinking about making quick, short term gains, then investing is not for you. You will end up speculating money and losing money on deals that seem to good to be true.

Another word of advice is to do plenty of research before you make an investment. Research at the company’s history. Look at the profitability over the course of several years. Look at the ownership. If a company changes ownership many times or has executives come and go constantly, this should be a red flag. Something may not be right at the firm. Do some more digging or move on to another company to invest in. If you do plenty of research you can uncover many hidden gems.

The last tip from Mr. Cornelsen is to pay attention to the big players in the economy. In Brazil it is the top ten banks. Major trade partners are another big player in the economy. Look at them and see how they can impact your investment.