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Bruce Levenson Is Helping AHBE Try To Win A Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group, the company that formerly owned the Atlanta Hawks before selling the team last year is in a court battle against the AIG insurance company. This court battle is the result of AIG’s refusal to honor a…


Labaton Sucharow Explains the Requirements to Become A SEC Whistleblower

A SEC whistleblower is any individual who is willing to report and expose the wrongdoings and misconduct of co-workers and superiors within private or public companies and corporations. To become a whistleblower, the internal employee must have solid information pertaining to illegal, inaccurate…


Doe Deere: The Inspirational Female Entrepreneur Behind Lime Crime Make-Up

Doe Deere is founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. One of the fastest growing brands, Lime Crime has touched a chord with millions of people worldwide with its use of neon bright colors and wholesome ingredients. The bright colors in the Lime…


Gold Coins Have Been Minted To Commemorate Brexit

The world was shocked on July 23, 2016 when Great Britain made the shocking move to leave the European Union. Now, people can remember this day if they choose to purchase the new Brexit gold or silver coins. These coins have recently been…


Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is essential for success in your endeavors. Effective online Reputation.com management or monitoring involves establishing yourself or your organization as a reputable, authoritative resource for your specific niche or whatever it is you offer. It also involves keeping the most…


Dick DeVos Continues A Lifetime Of Charitable Giving

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is just one of the arms of charitable giving this Michigan based couple have always looked to complete throughout their lives together. In an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable I read recently Betsy DeVos looked back on the charitable…


M&A Advisor Recognizes Madison Street Capital as a Leader in the Merger and Acquisition Industry

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based investment banking firm in Illinois has built a strategic reputation in the merger and acquisition industry for 11 years. The firm made outstanding performance in 2016 which M&A Advisor was proud to recognize for their leadership and high…


Why Investing in Your Supply Chain is Essential

There are a lot of companies looking for ways to improve how well they serve customers over the long term on LinkedIn.com. One of the best ways to enhance service is to invest in your supply chain. This will quickly yield positive results…


How the Law Protects the Rights of SEC Whistleblowers.

The whistleblower protection program was formed in 2010 with a primary purpose of protecting individuals who volunteer to give information on various organizations that do not operate within the guidelines of the federal securities laws. This plan was influenced by the enacting of…


Wen by Chaz Establishes a Universal Standard for Perfect Hair

Few things are greater than a shower after a long day. However, women often hate using the same cleansing products each day only to achieve the same dull and lifeless results. This very disdain was the entire reason behind Emily McClure’s Wen by…