An Update from Lovaganza on the Much-Awaited 2020 Unity Celebrations

Lovaganza’s main mission is to use film and entertainment to unite the world. The company has strong ties and affiliations to bohemian cultures and lifestyles. Just recently, the bohemian film production company brought onboard two Hollywood luminaries: James Murakami and Patrick Sulivan.

Mr. Murakami is an American Oscar-nominated designer who has worked in successful productions like Groundhog Day and on American Sniper. Sulivan is an Emmy Award Winner having worked in blockbuster productions like Man of Steel and Men in Black. Their current fixture contains three major milestone events lined up. These are the:-

1. Lovaganza 2020 for Unity

2. Lovaganza 2025 for Peace

3. Lovaganza 2030 for Abundance

Lovaganza 2020 Unity Celebrations were initially scheduled to take place in 2015. The showcasing was, however, moved up owing to unavoidable circumstances. The planned occasion will be held from May to September 2020 on eight concurrent locations across the globe. Over the course of the four months, guests will be treated to a fanfare involving feature productions inspired by various cultures on planet Earth. There are live events, exhibitions and other fantastic attractions lined up. The theme of the concert will be, ‘embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.’

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Hands Across the World Ceremony

The organizers postponed because they felt that the current technology is not capable of communicating their intended messages succinctly. Therefore, they are going to wait for better cutting-edge entertainment technologies come 2020. The innovations in play by then will hopefully be able to produce captivating and compelling films from cultures across the globe. Lovaganza celebration will pave the way for an extraordinary Hands Across the World Ceremony.

Free Cinematic 3D Glasses

In preparation for the mega-event, the organizers of Lovaganza have scheduled a Traveling Show set to commence in 2017. Ideally, the roadshow is meant to be a publicity and marketing stunt. Before 2020, the establishment plans to release their three leading motion pictures. For an unforgettable experience, the viewers will be provided with Lovaganza’s cinematic 3D glasses for free. Viewers preferring the standard 3D and 2D theaters will also be catered to. Shooting for the three films or the trilogy has already begun in locations like France, Spain, and U.S.A and Africa as well.

Watch Trilogy Master Trailers Now!

Lovaganza plans to launch in 2018 officially. The event organizers have promised their fans and followers a once-in-a-lifetime thrilling entertainment experience. An experience which blends and fuses the past with the future. The caravan construction is already underway and in the advanced stages. The master trailers for their trilogies are also out. Go online and watch them on popular video sharing sites like Vimeo in HD form.

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