Desiree Perez’s Strategies and Negotiation Skills Land Roc Nation to Goldmine

The global entertainment and music industry is vast with estimated revenues of $17.2 billion, but the industry is mostly ruled by men. However, Desiree Perez, an entrepreneur and talent manager in the music industry, is an exception and has full control over her domain. She is a close associate of Jay-Z and helps him to expand his business interests through aggressive strategies. Perez significantly helped Jay to transition from a successful rapper to a business mogul in the music industry. She does backroom negotiations, discussing partnerships, and expansion strategies in a beneficial way to Roc Nation, as a top executive – Chief Operating Officer – of Roc.  More to read on

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Perez is also credited for some of the critical negotiations in the past that ensured significant financial benefits to the Roc artists. For instance, Perez was the primary negotiator of Rihanna’s $25 million Samsung collaboration for promoting her Anti tour. The deal helped Rihanna to register herself as an A-list performer and a prominent entertainment figure. Also, in 2008, when Roc Nation partnered with Live Nation in a $150-million deal, Perez was working behind the screens and ensuring a smooth transaction. The deal gave an identity to Roc that is founded in 2008. When both Jay and Live Nation agreed to renew the contract this year, the negotiating skills of Perez ensured a rewarding deal for Roc Nation.  Read additional article on

Desiree Perez has more than two decades of experience in the music and entertainment sector, and that helped her to understand the structure and procedures of the industry. Check for related article.  As the COO of Roc, she oversees the entire operations of the firm including different sections of management, labeling operations, publishing, and more. Perez is the producer of some music documentaries and helped the many Roc artists to land on lucrative deals in the music industry that made her becoming one of the most influential executives in the industry.   For timeline updates and blogs, visit Desiree’s social media page here.

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