Sawyer Howitt – New Upcoming Entrepreneur Talks About Key Points

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur who has many years of experience working in the finance industry as a Project Manager. He worked for Meriwether Group, which is a company that his father owns, and gained many years of experience.

As a very young entrepreneur he has had to face some challenges. Luckily, he has pushed through and has been able to overcome the challenges as a young businessman. He has succeeded in many of his ventures, and talks about five different ways that many young entrepreneurs can succeed in the business world. Many baby boomers who are CEO’s may look down upon millennials because of their youth as well as their reputation. It’s true that some stereotypes still remain with the younger generation and they can be placed in a category of entitlement and laziness. Sawyer Howitt is here to break that cycle, and bring forth some tips that can help other hard working entrepreneurs.

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According to, Howitt believes that it’s important to prove your worth and your value. Don’t ever sell yourself short and always believe in yourself, even if nobody else does at the time. Aside from proving your value, you need to be able to market yourself into the position and let others know that you’re serious about your career and doing a good job. Always be honest and don’t pretend to know everything. Show your employer that you’re willing to learn and that you know how to access necessary resources to educate yourself further. Always be willing to learn and never give up because of intimidation. If you continue to demonstrate your usefulness, it’s possible that you will quickly move up in the industry. Last but definitely not least, turn your youth in a positive mark. Let your employer know that you can work inconvenient hours. There may be a project that requires a special deadline and others cannot meet the deadline because of family obligations. You are young, so let your boss know that you’re willing to go the extra mile and work late nights. Always be willing to learn new things and execute your work accordingly. The results will begin to pay off quickly.

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