David McDonald leads OSI Industries to a success path

David McDonald, the President and the COO of OSI Industries is known for offering insightful and visionary leadership. He has been the moving force behind some of the major developments at OSI Industries. He has successfully led OSI Industries into acquiring other facilities in the U.S and Europe and Asia. These acquisitions were strategic, and they have helped OSI Industries to expand their operations beyond the U.S. borders.

David has also led OSI industries into several humanitarian and community-based projects. He was among the individuals who led OSI into donating more than 252,000 pounds of high-quality meat products to the American food banks. The food products were supplied from the company’s processing facility based in North America.

The meat products supplied by OSI industries were used to feed a lot of people who can’t afford to put a decent meal on their tables due to their low economic status. The food helped hundred thousand of children and adults to get proteins, which are essential for proper growth and development. OSI Industries continues to be the premier protein products provider in America.

David McDonald has been instrumental in transforming OSI Industries into a global company that utilizes the local resources to supply high-quality food products. The company’s headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. While OSI Industries is a big company operating in different societies, David has established local management teams that ensure the products produced and supplied by the company conform to the local cultures, customs, and tastes. With this strategy, McDonald has helped to transform OSI Group into a premier provider of value-added proteins.

OSI Industries has experienced tremendous growth since it was founded in the 1900s by Otto, a German immigrant. However, the company started growing by leaps and bounds from 1987 when McDonald took over reigns as the president of the company. Since then, the company has undertaken numerous strategic acquisitions and partnerships that have helped them set foot into the international arena.

Some of the major moves by OSI Industries include the purchasing of Baho Foods in Europe. This acquisition will OSI to get a share of the lucrative European Food market. Besides, the company has added several food products to its production lines.

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