Anthony Petrello; the Millionaire with a Humble Heart

Tony Petrello who is the chair and CEO of Nabors Industries is one of the wealthiest men in the US with a kind heart. Recently, his kind gesture of donating $ 5 million to Neurological Research Institute at Texas children Hospital has been well received. Despite his excellent works that have overseen the expansion of Nabors industries, his popularity is tremendously increasing more so on charitable courses that he is involved. If the cash donated was not enough, he and his wife have promised to add $2 million shortly.

The main agenda of the donation is to create an avenue where children with neurological problems will be able to access first-string treatment from the world’s best surgeons and physicians. For them, this gesture is very personal. Their eight-year-old daughter developed PVL, which later caused cerebral palsy. Having a child with a disability is not easy. Apart from the intensive care they need, their medication is also expensive. This because of that experience that Tony decided to be part of something that fights for the well-being of kids with neurological disorders.

The main agenda of the neurological institute is to identify the cure for diverse neurological disorders in children of different ages. When Tony and his wife speak of all the challenges and suffering of taking care of a child with a neurological disorder, they inspire many. It is to have hope that the cure will be found.

Anthony Petrello has been the CEO of Nabors limited since 2011. Nabors is located in Hamilton and is currently the biggest land driller globally. It works in about 25 countries whereby it is involved in drilling oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling. Tony graduated from Harvard school of law and acquired both a degree and MA in Mathematics from Yale University. The success that Nabors Industries LTD. Is having right now can be attributed to Tony Petrello. His hard work and resilience are what has gotten the company where it is right now, given it stretches its services to the far of Middle East. In fact, he is one of the highly paid bosses in world. One might think that maybe where he is might be lunch, but that is not the case.

Anthony Petrello has never been spoon fed. He has always worked hard, and his excellence in mathematics landed him a scholarship that oversaw his schooling. From a humble background to the world top most paid CEOs in the world. This is an inspiration to many, anything is possible.

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