Sentient AI – Ecommerce Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept since it has always been present in science fiction movies like the Star Wars. However, over time, technology has proven that AI can be helpful even for other businesses. You can acclaim IBM’s Watson for making a podium for artificial intelligence incorporation into an assembly of business and client-facing apps. And since customer experience is an essential aspect of any business, let us look at the ways through which AI has impacted e-commerce customer experience.

Personalized customer experience

A personalized customer experience is now possible thanks to chatbots that collect customer information from numerous support interactions. The accuracy of the data collected is accurate since eh computer does it all. Human support people can then use the data collected in determining what a particular customer wants and what they do not prefer. As virtual assistants, chatbots can give real-time customer data to live agents who are in turn ale to take care of the needs of each customer.

Improved Conversion rates

In the past, businesses have always turned to multivariate and A/B testing to solve their conversion rates shortcoming. Although the methods are useful, they take a long while before determining a particular path. Such wait-for-the-information-to-come tactic is not adequately fast for modern businesses. However, thanks to AI, a company can in real time keep track of visitors who become customers. AI, therefore, makes it possible to test more than one idea in a short while making sure that businesses do not waste time.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

To have a top-notch and smooth customer journey, you need to satisfy the needs of the customers completely. A satisfied customer will not hesitate to come back, leave a positive review about the business online or tell her family and friends. It is unfortunate that numerous companies rely only on surveys to get data on customer satisfaction. Such studies overload the client. However, through artificial intelligence aspects such as natural language processing, businesses can now understand sentiment via social media platforms. Additionally, e-commerce marketers can employ an algorithm that sums up in real time how a brand is referenced.

Reduce Waiting Time

As a customer, waiting for too long is somewhat frustrating. The good news is that chatbots make sure that the customer does not wait. Waiting time is significantly reduced through prioritizing the requests of the client. With the aid of artificial intelligence, a chatbot can route the shopper to the available agent by the use of intelligent algorithms.

Artificial intelligence has impacted businesses positively, and the notable effect on e-commerce customer experience cannot be ignored.

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