Aloha Construction: A Home Repair Company that Finances

Homes fall into the spectrum of necessities for a comfortable living. Most people, if not everyone, desires to own a home at some point in their lives. Owning a house comes with a feeling of fulfillment and rightly so. While homeowners desire to keep their homes in perfect conditions, natural aging coupled with natural calamities destroy parts of a home including roofs, guttering systems, sidings, or doors and windows. Destroyed homes can result in agitation or stress in homeowners. However, home repair companies in southern Wisconsin and Illinois including Aloha Construction encourage homeowners not to be tormented by destroyed homes as they are at their service. While Aloha can perform a couple of home repair operations, the company has carved a niche for itself as an expert roofer.

Aloha, a family owned home repair company, has become a household name in Illinois and southern Wisconsin for its dedication to professionalism, honesty, and integrity in the provision of home repair services. Apparently, clients are no longer willing to settle for just any other company; they are increasingly looking for home repair companies that adhere to some philosophies and are socially conscious, and Aloha is one of those companies. Aloha is the most preferred home repair company in southern Wisconsin and Illinois, and so far it has accomplished over seven thousand local ventures. Aloha is always looking for new ways to remain socially conscious, and recently the company sponsored a shopping spree for the less fortunate kids in the society through the Dave Farbaky Foundation, named after the founder of Aloha.

David Farbaky (Dave Farbaky), 46, started Aloha with a mission to meet the home repair needs of the locals innovatively. He emphasizes the financing aspect of his business. Dave understands that damages to homes especially those caused by natural calamities strike at the most unexpected moments. They are costly to repair, and insurance companies may not always assist. Aloha finances home repair costs. To this end, Aloha has partnered with Synchrony, a leader in funding major consumer purchases. Aloha encourages homeowners that are unable to meet their home repair costs to bring up the matter to Synchrony.


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