Looking at Adam Milstein’s Career in Real Estate Investing

Adam Milstein is an active person in the field of real estate investing, philanthropy and community leader. He hails from Israel where he has previously served in the Israel Defense Forces. He had a master in Business administration and started his career in Real estate investing in 1983 in Southern California. Milstein is managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, which is a private firm dealing with commercial real estate investing.

The idea of starting the firm came after seeing how employers did not appreciate his life experience and the knowledge he had. The amount they were offering to him did not match even what the undergraduate students were getting, and that is when he decided to on his way by working as a broker in a real estate commercial sector. Adam Milstein worked for three years in this field before he became a real estate investor.

He brings his ideas to life by pushing on until they turn to reality. He says one should keep track of whatever he or she is doing and let not anything significant go unnoticed. Being consistent, persistent and keeping a follow-up are some attributes that Milstein says have enabled him to more productive in the field of entrepreneurship. Understanding yourself and not relying on others something that he says he does all the time and recommends it to other entrepreneurs who want to be successful. One should understand the challenges at hand to come up with the best solution.

Though it may seem strange, Milstein says he does not set specific goals as they limit him. This is one strategy that has helped him to build his business. Milstein says making money in the field of real estate does not happen overnight and one has to keep on pushing. It takes time to gain track. One should not listen to what others say and their criticism.

David Hager who is Milstein’s partner in real estate investment is one person that he says have influenced him and said Hager could be of help to others. His smartness and psychology, being a step ahead, high thinking and being visionary are attributes that inspire Milstein.


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