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Traditional dentistry has a lot of people not getting the necessary dental work they need as adults says, dental expert Dr. Villanueva of the popular MB2 Dentalnetwork. Unfortunately, many children miss out on early pediatric dentistry also because of lack of knowledge. Villanueva believes with the beliefs of seeing a traditional dentist, most people are still reluctant. Traditional dentistry has changed significantly and it’s a myth to believe you have to go through the same discomfort, prices, and uncomfortable treatment of seeing a traditional dentist. Technological advances have changed the face of traditional dental care.

How MB2 Dental Stands Out

Ironically, MB2 has been one of the few dental professionals to meet the demands of an millennial dental professional. Dentistry has came a long way because of technological advances, new practices, and in-house payment options. What does that mean for you? MB2 Dental utilizes expert technology to help their patients have a shorter recovery time and a family dentistry with financing options. Best of all, they focus on personalized care for one-on-one attention with your smile. Get the look you want for your smile to feel confident about your face-to-face communication.

Dr. Villanueva would never stand by and allow his patients to suffer without routine or emergency dental because of limited resources in an effort to give back to the communities they serve. Their in-house financing allows you to make bi-weekly or monthly payments on dentistry you may need today and pay over time.

MB2 Services

– dental X-ray
– oral cancer screening
– jaw realignment
– braces traditional/clear
– specialty dentistry
– emergency services
– alternative sedation
– expert technicians
– free consultation
– spa dental
– properly align crowded/spaced/too many teeth
– teeth whitening

They will teach your child the importance of brushing and flossing after each meal. MB2 doesn’t tempt your child with sugary sweets after their dental appointment, but your child will receive a fun fact sheet about different stages the teeth go through. In fact, taking care of your teeth an be good for your oral and nutritional health because you chew and the process of digestion starts with your teeth. You can take care of your teeth at any stage of routine or major dental work. A MB2 professional will cater to your dental needs from start to finish.

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