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José Auriemo Neto’s Role in the Family Business

JHSF is one of Brazil’s biggest real estate companies. It is about 42 years old, and it’s a family business. The company initially began as JHS, a construction company. It later came to be a development company before evolving into a real estate firm. It deals with the JHS development of business complexes, hotel, and restaurants and it also has a very lucrative contract to develop an airport. The company enjoys a good reputation for excellence and is highly esteemed by its previous clients, as well as the repeat ones. Even though some people misguidedly fathom it to be a high-end clientele real estate, such a claim can easily be disputed.

JHSF owns several strings of thrifty commercial buildings. It even owns the Santa Cruz Metro shopping center. JHSF’s commercial complexes house several law firms and shopping stalls that serve the entire Brazillian middle class. The perception that it seems only the rich can be attributed to the numerous positive reviews JHSF has received in the past from very wealthy clients who had very generous projects they needed to be developed. Because such individuals are very hard to please, the reputation should allude to the high-quality services that the company made.

The Family Model

The company was founded back in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo and Jose Roberto. The two brothers had differences in how the company should be run and thus decided to split it into JHSF and JHSL. Fabio’s JHSF veered away from JHS’ construction business and ventured into development. The two brothers are still close though.
Fabio grew the company into a real estate firm that heavily featured the input of his family members. Because of its ability to be innovative, daring, of quality, pioneering and to identify opportunities in the market of operation, JHSF managed to accumulate vast properties Sao Paulo, New York, and Salvador. All the time, Fabio had been keenly grooming his son, José Auriemo Neto, to take his place.

Then, one day, José Auriemo Neto proved himself worthy to his father and the owner of JHSF. He made his vision and passion for the company as well as his insight and negotiating skills all at once. First, he identified the potential of a parking lot that one one else had. He managed to convince the skeptical president to purchase the parking lot, which was at the edge of the Marginal Pinheiros. The acquisition was cheap since no one knew its value other than the young man. Later, the acquisition came to be the most profitable investment that JHSF ever made in its entire existence. Fabio was more than happy when he finally bequeathed Jose the JHSF presidency.

Making Dallas’ Zoo Better

Adhama and Boipelo are finally moving into the Dallas zoo. The hippos will make a great addition an will help to draw more people to the zoo, helping to attract more money in order to keep the zoo running. The hippos require very specific requirements in order to be comfortable and healthy and it was no small feat. It was also quite and expensive project with a price tag of about $14 million. This never would have been able to happen if it were not for the generous support of James Dondero and Highland Capital management.


The extensive project required not only constructions crews, but it was necessary to hire horticulturists, CLR designers, and a large team of experts. It required a lot of time and fundraising to make this happen.


James Dondero wanted to give back to the community and saw this a s the perfect opportunity. The zoo received a $1 million donation form Highland Capital Management and the work was able to get done. the zoo now not only has a couple of amazing new additions, but it has also gained a 5,000 square foot center for private functions that will help to draw more money in to keep the hippos and zoo happy. You can read all about it in the original article found here.


James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets and is now the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has led the company to many successful award-winning products and solutions for investors. His career began as an analyst in 1984 and he holds majors in both Finance and Accounting. He also has his certifications for Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.


Dondero is Chairman of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical as well as NexPoint. James Dondero is also on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote.


James Dondero supports many charitable donations such as the Perot Museum of Natural Science, Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, and the Snowball Express. Dondero is very generous with his donations of financial support and time.

U.S. Money Reserve and Their Websites New Look

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that specializes in the sale of precious metals. They have a team of experts who work with customers to form a relationship to insure guidance on which metals are best for them for their portfolios. It is the only company ever led by a former U.S. Mint director. Philip N. Diehl was the 35th U.S. Mint director who brings his experience and expertise to the company.

In an article in PRNewswire published on Feb. 24, 2016 U.S. Money Reserve announced a major upgrade to their website It’s new features will bring a new, exiting experience for the clients.

It will be more user friendly and more interactive. There will be an update to the websites store that will include a live rendering of the status of the precious metals market as well as live competitive pricing so you will be better informed before your purchase.

The website is divided into 7 different categories: IRA Program, Why USMR, Why Buy Gold, Knowledge Center, News, Contact and Shop. Although you must create an account to shop, you can look at the products and you can look through all these other categories to get informed about the company and what they stand for before signing up or purchasing anything. The website is very easy to navigate and is very responsive. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Upon entry to the site’s very first page you are given the market value for gold, silver and platinum at the top of the page. The company choses to be very transparent and wants to show you everything you need to know so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing. You are privy to so much information that you can use in a private, non invasive, non obligatory fashion in the comfort of your home or office which gives you plenty of time to weigh out your options.

U.S. Money Reserve also has one of the best money back guarantees available. They guarantee a full return on certain metals at current market value within 30 days coupled with the fastest shipping methods in the industry.

To check out the new look, the information and the products visit for a brand new online experience.

Arthur Becker career

Arthur has been in the corporate world for quite a long span of time. Over the years he has occupied many respectable positions in a broad spectrum of firms. He is currently the chairman and CEO of Zinio. Before getting into this position, he was also the CEO of NaviSite. Its entity has specialized in offering different technological services including application services. The institution mainly operates in the UK and the US. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Apart from holding a managerial position in Zinio, he is also parts of the managing board of Madison Partners. This an institution which focuses on real estate and other affiliated fields. The firm is currently offering guidance to people who are in early stages of BioTech sector. With his experience in different market segments, he was also appointed as an adviser to Fashion Company known as Vera Wang fashion. Arthur Becker has been offering guidance to the institution offer the years. By so doing the firm is currently performing greatly in the market. Thus it’s planning to venture into other parts of this globe.

Arthur’s interest for biotech has put in a position of interacting with a broad range of experts in the segment. He is currently working with medics in the field. The technology is now being used in researching cancers medicine. In a case of breakthrough, this will be a game changer. This has also made him understand different expatriates and thus being in a position of fully appreciating their contribution to our society. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Apart from being a successful business person he has also been inspiring and guiding a good number of entrepreneurs all over the globe. As he says, it’s important for one to be a critical thinker. By balancing passion with critical thinking, one will be able to achieve a lot in the long run. An entrepreneur needs to learn a lot about his past failures. This will reduce the cost of business sin the long run. He also insists on the output per given time being realized by a firm. One should be working on how to optimize the returns being realized within a portion of time.

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Cassio Audi Lived the Rock Star Dream

Every teenager wishes for life in show business. Most want to be great musicians, move crowds, hear their name shouted as they stand up to sing that song that the audience has been dying to hear again. Unlike most teenagers, Cassio Audi lived this dream. He was one of the founders of the heavy metal band from Brazil, Viper. The band which recorded its first demo in 1985 still enjoys a following and is still recording and going on tour. Their latest work is a live album in 2015 called To Live Again.

Cassio Audi was part of the band from 1985 when it started. During this time he played drums on their first demo The Killera Sword, their second demo, Projeto SP Meta and their very first album Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. The album was a great success, and although their English was not perfect, it was clear that Viper had talent. It was 34 minutes and 37 seconds long and was recorded in a week. It included songs like Knights of Destruction, The Whipper, Signs of the Night, Law of the Sword and Soldiers of Sunrise. The title track was very popular, and the album was rated 4 out of 5 stars.

The album was very popular and was re-released twice; in 1992 by Massacre Records and then by Paradoxx Music in 1997. Although he could have made a living off music considering he was very talented, he did not stay with the band and left after being with them for about three years. He was therefore not involved in their second album Theatre of Fate that was released in the USA, Europe, and Asia. This album was also very successful. Cassio Audi was not in any other band after Viper which he exited in 1989. He still plays instruments and sings, which he considers as part of his relaxing activities.

Anthony Petrello: The Man Outside The Office

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer and president of Nabors Industries Ltd., an oil and gas drilling company that operates in the United States, Africa, and wide ranges of the Middle East. His keen sense of business is evident in the ongoing growth and success of Nabors Industries, but Petrello started from humble beginnings and worked his way up. Using his intellect to gain extensive high rated schooling and applying his wealth and influence to contribute on several membership boards, Petrello is not just another corporate boss.

Anthony Petrello, known more commonly as Tony, was a product of the public school system in Newark, New Jersey. He came from a working class family upbringing, but had an amazing talent for mathematics. He was able to earn a scholarship to college, and attended Yale University where he earned an MS in Mathematics. After Yale, he made the bold decision to attend Harvard University and study law, where he obtained his JD Degree. His perseverance and intelligence motivated him through his career until he reached his current status as the CEO and President of the world renowned company.

But his wealth and status are not the most important things to Petrello. He values the time and influence he can bring to other areas as well. He is the trustee of the Texas Children’s Hospital, he served as honorary trustee for the Texas Heart Institute, and he is the director of the Petrello Family Foundation, an organization that works at providing medical resources to the Houston community as well as the performing arts and improving education.

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Mike Baur: Helping People Dream Big!

Mike Baur is the ever-enthusiastic co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, and manages the funding and financing of the company. He is an entrepreneur and businessman with a genuine heart of gold, and has made it his life-mission to help every day, average people start up the businesses they’ve always dreamed of, in the simplest ways they never thought of. His company provides the very clever service of combining all aspects of business-starting in a 3-month program; it simplifies the process by providing a one-stop shop of: financing, coaching, mentoring, office spacing, and giving exclusive access to networks in the investor/entrepreneurial world.


Baur has quite the impressive work history, as well. He worked in banking for more than 20-years, including both UBS and Clariden Lew. After resigning there, he began to invest in various startup companies, and in 2014 he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. By 2016, he became the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest after Swiss Startup Factory and CTI became business partners. Baur spearheaded Swiss Startup Factory right through its infancy with the help of the Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion, and in December 2016, he was featured in a Wall Street Journal article covering his early career spanning from his banking-investment days to entrepreneurship. In addition, He is very enthusiastic about the digital age in which he resides, and acts as a Digital Board Member in several Swiss companies.


Baur spends much time speaking at various venues such as universities, mid-size companies, and start-up events and is passionate about giving back to society all that he has learned with the intent to, says Baur on his LinkedIn page, “give back the knowledge about the magic of accelerating startup ideas in Switzerland and developing new digital companies.”


He delights in communicating with those who share the same interests, and makes himself very reachable and approachable to the public. In addition to his work, he is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown hockey club called Fribourg Gotteron and he absolutely adores following the Swiss Tennis Pros on the ATP tour.


Mike Baur has gifted the world with his think-big and common-sense approach to starting businesses. He loves what he does, and seems to have found purpose in helping and caring for others who wish to dream big. The world is truly a better place for having him in it.



José AuriemoNeto Promotes Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport

José AuriemoNeto is the CEO of JHSF. It is a leader in upscale real estate development in Brazil. Now JHSF is presenting the metropolitan region of São Paulo its first international airport. José AuriemoNeto has ensured that this airport is specifically designed for Executive Aviation. This means that the airport will be able to serve various existing executive aircraft that are doing international flights.The airport will have its own air traffic control tower. Next, it will have the precision instruments in order to ensure smooth operations. The ultra-modern infrastructure at the executive airport will be as per the international standards.

This international executive airport will be operational for 24 hours. This ensures convenience to all as there would be no restriction of any kind on the operating hours.José AuriemoNeto has ensured that the airport has a long runway with dimensions of 2.470mX 45m. This will allow it to cater to all kinds of international carriers.The Catarina Executive Airport can receive large executive jets. These include Embraer Lineage 1000E from Gulfstream, besides Gulfstream G650 and G550, as well as Bombardier Global Express. It can also receive Falcon 7X as well as Falcon 2000 models. This way there can be non-stop intercontinental flights that can go to cities like New York, London or even Paris.The airport is located just 14 minutes away from São Paulo if traveling by helicopter. It is just a 35 minutes car drive from São Paulo’s main business centers.

This airport has an approximate area of 2,000,000 sqm. This includes 50,000 sqm of hangars along with 50,000 sqm of patios.This airport will be known for its exclusive service to make the experience of flying from Catarina Executive Airport truly unique.The Aviation Terminal will be equipped with top-class infrastructure that will support passengers and crew. Besides, it will have equipment that will be used for inspecting luggage, besides people as well as documents. This way the loading and unloading procedures will become really fast and very safe too.The International Executive Airport will have a Heliport that will connect travelers with various business centers in the state capital.

Desiree Perez Has Unique Skills

Desiree Perez has earned a reputation for having strong negotiation skills as well as excellent accounting abilities. Next is her history of achievements as well as managerial talents which speak for themselves. She has earned credit for the Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour. She was a key player in the deal signed by Rihanna with Samsung.

Desiree Perez is a part of the Hova Circle which is highly influential. This is a collective that includes her husband, Jay Brown, besides Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim as well as TyTy Smith. It is this group that is behind the Roc Nation as well as Tidal too.

With all these efforts made by Desiree Perez, the Tidal app and its streaming service are able to cut their own path. The company is fast making inroads into the competitive industry of streaming of music. It is aiming to score more and more music fans as its customers.   Check this on

There is another thought making the rounds that the company will not turn down any purchase offers that may come from any corporate interests and are exciting enough. This is because Tidal is not having the same resources as its other competitors like Apple Music or Spotify. Now it is to be seen how fast Desiree Perez is able to bring Tidal back and set it on a path to glory. She has already done it earlier. Hence few doubt that she will be an achiever once again.

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Recently Tidal has attempted to focus more on new and upcoming music and not on their existent catalog of cuts any more. They are trying to promote some different categories. These would include Tidal Discovery that will be their new releases. Next will be Tidal Rising that is of upcoming artists, and another will be Tidal X featuring exclusive live material.  More to read on

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