There is Always Something for Everyone in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

The objective of every business person is to generate profit. This is why the first step of setting up a business is to spot a market gap. Roberto Santiago is, however, a special kind of an investor. He set up his business with the objective of improving the welfare of his people.

Santiago understood the importance of leisure. This is why he felt obliged to give the Joao Pessoa residents, a place that facilitated all leisure activities. He realized that his people had to travel to other locations to access the fun joints. Many people did not afford this combined expenses and sort to stay home on weekends. Due to the distance, other people utilized the weekends to go shopping.

Through the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, Santiago’s dream has come true. The occupants have wholly embraced the presence of the mall. During weekends, it is normal to find friends, families, couples and all other groups in the mall. The mall has all the age groups covered. Everyone has something that they can do and enjoy. There is always something for everyone.

The Roberto Santiago has a lot of sectors for entertainment. You will find friends sharing a drink, gaming or dancing. You will also find a couple having a romantic dinner to rekindle their love. Children are also not left out. They are various playing stations that the children can enjoy depending on taste and preference.

Family outings are also held in the Manaira mall. This is because of the variety of food that is available. They are numerous restaurants purposely to accommodate the needs of all customers. Some families go to taste foods from other traditions. This recreates and strengthens the family bonds.

Families are happy because they do not have to worry about not having time to shop anymore. After the fun day is over, they shop everything they need in the same building. This saves time. Having over 280 premises, the Manaira mall has everything that you may need to shop.

The Influence on the Economic Center

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has dramatically improved the entertainment sector of the residents. Santiago’s primary goal was achieved. The occupants do not have to travel in search of luxury joints anymore. On the contrary, people from other area visit their area for fun activities.

The mall has also improved the lives of the people economically. The area has attracted very many business people. This is because of the excellent infrastructure and social amenities.

The presence of many businesses has encouraged the standardization of prices. It has also led to improved quality of products due to competition.

Lastly, the people of Joao Pessoa now have an added advantage of increased employment opportunities.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has wholly revolutionized the life of the Joao Pessoa people.


José AuriemoNeto Promotes Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport

José AuriemoNeto is the CEO of JHSF. It is a leader in upscale real estate development in Brazil. Now JHSF is presenting the metropolitan region of São Paulo its first international airport. José AuriemoNeto has ensured that this airport is specifically designed for Executive Aviation. This means that the airport will be able to serve various existing executive aircraft that are doing international flights.The airport will have its own air traffic control tower. Next, it will have the precision instruments in order to ensure smooth operations. The ultra-modern infrastructure at the executive airport will be as per the international standards.

This international executive airport will be operational for 24 hours. This ensures convenience to all as there would be no restriction of any kind on the operating hours.José AuriemoNeto has ensured that the airport has a long runway with dimensions of 2.470mX 45m. This will allow it to cater to all kinds of international carriers.The Catarina Executive Airport can receive large executive jets. These include Embraer Lineage 1000E from Gulfstream, besides Gulfstream G650 and G550, as well as Bombardier Global Express. It can also receive Falcon 7X as well as Falcon 2000 models. This way there can be non-stop intercontinental flights that can go to cities like New York, London or even Paris.The airport is located just 14 minutes away from São Paulo if traveling by helicopter. It is just a 35 minutes car drive from São Paulo’s main business centers.

This airport has an approximate area of 2,000,000 sqm. This includes 50,000 sqm of hangars along with 50,000 sqm of patios.This airport will be known for its exclusive service to make the experience of flying from Catarina Executive Airport truly unique.The Aviation Terminal will be equipped with top-class infrastructure that will support passengers and crew. Besides, it will have equipment that will be used for inspecting luggage, besides people as well as documents. This way the loading and unloading procedures will become really fast and very safe too.The International Executive Airport will have a Heliport that will connect travelers with various business centers in the state capital.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Returns to MarTech Advisor for Guest Column

When Bob Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 we aren’t sure that even he realized just what he was creating. Talk Fusion went on to become one of the biggest video communication solution companies on the entire internet. Their work providing support to companies and customers alike has been integral and changing the way advertising works. Reina accurately made the forecast that video marketing would become the new standard, and boy was he ever correct. Reina made his return to MarTech Advisor, a top publication for Chief Marketing Officers, in order to once again pen a guest column.


In 2016 Reina was brought on by MarTech Advisor, a top ten publication for CMOs, in order to write an article about his experience with video communication solutions. The work went over well and MarTech just had to have him back. This time around Reina chose to focus on something close to home: video marketing trends. Reina’s newest column for MarTech is now online under the title of “Video Advertising Trends of 2017‘. The publication is being sent to over 1 million subscribers and it should offer quite the hefty advice for people looking to break into the successful world of communication solutions.


Reina himself was excited to once again work with MarTech Advisor. Reina stated, “I’ve returned to MarTech Advisor to share key tips for executing video and more importantly, why you should be using it, so readers can capitalize on this massive trend in 2017 and beyond.” Reina’s words are hard to dismiss due to just how successful Talk Fusion has been over the past several years. With awards, huge clients, and more in tow we bet that Talk Fusion will be changing the game in the future.



Reina’s had quite the year in 2016 and 2017 and things only seem to be getting started. Reina’s company, Talk Fusion, landed the coveted Product of the Year Award for their application, Video Chat, from TMC. This award only served to heighten Talk Fusion’s already quality reputation. We expect Talk Fusion to continue pushing forward into the future with their newest upgrades to communication solution products and services.



Bruce Levenson: Former Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks And Very Active Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson was the owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks from 2004 until 2015 when he decided to sell the team along with his partners at Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE). According to ESPN, the sale was finalized as planned, but now Levenson and AHBE want payments from their former insurance company, AHBE for losses relating to the contract buyout of former team GM Danny Ferry. Levenson and AHBE say that buying out the GM’s contract was covered under losses in the team’s insurance policy, and they also say they met the requirements that were needed to file a claim for these losses according to AJC. But so far the insurance company has refused to pay compensation to AHBE or Ferry, and Levenson and AHBE are now taking them to court in what looks to be a contentious battle.

Bruce Levenson not only owned the Atlanta Hawks for 12 years, he also is the founder of several companies, most notably Unified Communications Group (UCG). He got his degree from American University and served at the now defunct Washington Star for a few years. Then he and Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own publication company, and it began with an oil industry newsletter called Oil Express. It grew from there into a major conglomerate after UCG started up more newsletters covering industries from healthcare to mortgage banks. Levenson also served on the board of BIA Digital Partners.

Levenson also has donated a lot to charities, and even sat on the board of several foundations including Hoop Dreams and the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson is a contributor to the Washington D.C. Holocaust Memorial Museum and helped pilot the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program there. He also helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, and also helped launch the Concert Against Hate just a year ago.


Source: brucelevenson website

Devco Acknowledges that Loan is Still Unpaid

Lack of Repayment of Loan is Questioned:

In recent reports by the, The Middlesex County Improvement Authority made no effort to pay one-million dollars in principal and interest on a loan received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The loan amount is for twenty-million dollars. The lack of responsibility, in paying back the loan amount is not new: The Improvement Authority previously, has been in the arrears for 5 years, and has accumulated almost seven million dollars in payments-missed.

The original loan was made in 2005. The loan’s purpose was for construction of The Heldrich: a hotel inside of New Brunswick. The loan was originated for a non-profit entity referred to as the New Brunswick Development Corporation. The previously-mentioned setup is additionally a model for the Atlantic City Development Corporation. The Atlantic City Development Corporation is a sister-firm that is expecting to oversee above $200 million in private and public finance. The preceding amount includes $19.5 million in CRDA Money. The funds will be used to establish the Gateway project in the Chelsea area.

The corporation was spoken of highly by the state Senate President Stephen Sweeney. He mentioned that the corporation was a prime example of what progress is made when public funding is made available through private organizations, in order to initiate large-sized construction projects.

The individual, who heads the two preceding corporations, is Chris Paladino. Mr. Paladino is the individual responsible for arranging the $20 million Heldrich loan. Mr. Paladino, made mention of the fact, that CRDA will receive its money; however, payment is going to take several more years.

The Heldrich Hotel is a two-hundred thirty-five room hotel property that opened its doors in 2007. During, the opening phase of the hotel operation, the adversity, tied to the economy, began to take root. As a result of the prior downturn, within the economy, the hotel has had to work, exceeding hard, in way of attracting new customers. The hotels’ rate of occupancy, recently, has been right around sixty-three and five-tenths of a percent.

The hotel’s largest account is Johnson & Johnson. The company executives, of Johnson & Johnson, sit on the Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Development Corporation. The hotel is strapped for cash, so in order to address the issue, the corporation provided about seven-hundred seventy-six thousand dollars of its money, in order to fund basic expenditures—in way of Capital. The hotel needed such rudimentary items as carpeting and new mattresses. The preceding information was provided by Mr. Paladino. Mr. Paladino, further added, that they were still participating in the project and that they wished to make it vital.

The twenty-million CRDA loan was part of approximately one-hundred seven million dollars in financing, put in place, by the corporation, in order to construct the hotel. The loan package was inclusive of seventy million dollars in municipal bonds. The bonds were issued by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The bonds are to be paid by means of money, generated from the operation of the hotel. The preceding thought is all well and good, except for one very important issue: the hotel has not performed as expected.

So far, thirty million dollars in bonds have been repaid; at a rate of around five-percent interest, according to the loan’s schedule. Subordinate bond-holders have not seen any money in years.

During the interim, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority is in the stages of issuing one-hundred twenty million dollars in bonds, in May, for the Gateway project. There are plans, underway, to construct a satellite campus for Stockton University. The bonds will be repaid by way of payments, made through residential payments, for rooms, within the University’s dormitory. Repayment is also forthcoming by means of the sale of tax credits.

John Cantalupo is the counsel, with respect to the bonds for the Atlantic County Improvement Authority. Mr. Cantalupo, stated, in so many words, that he had looked over the financing of the hotel and that he was confident the Gateway bonds will not experience any short-falls. He further commented that the project, for the satellite education institution, and the hotel project were very dissimilar.

Governor Chris Christie, in December, signed into law which would bar state-run agencies the ability to provide loans, grants and other types of subsidies to business entities. The business entities included fall into the categories of the not-for-profit sector and corporations, which have defaulted on bonds and loans.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation, then, made arrangements, with respect to financing for the hotel. The Middlesex County Improvement goes on record, as the borrower of twenty million dollars.

Ms. Maria Prato is the spokesperson for the Improvement Authority. Ms. Prato made a statement that the CRDA loan documentation, shows that the loan is secured. Its payment is to come from revenue, that is made available by means of the project; and payment is issued to Senior public holders of bonds. She further, stated, that they were confident that as the project, continued economically, to improve, concurrently with the improvement of the overall economy—that it would be in a position to pay back all of its obligations, that are outstanding.

John Palmieri, CRDA Executive Director, made the acknowledgement, recently, that repayment of the twenty million dollars has not occurred as originally thought. He mentioned that the agency participated in the loan, aware that a subordinate lender would be part of the project. The subordinate lender is the last in line to be paid. He further mentioned that they took risks on loans; although, the underwriting of the loan was handled quite carefully. The risks, associated with the loan, come by the means of other Senior Lenders.

He advised, that in the case of the Heldrich; tangible elements, within the environment, are measured. The impacts, according to Paladino, include the hotel’s employment of two-hundred, thirty-five workers, and $1.2 million in way of real estate taxes; the hotel’s ability to generate income on an annualized basis; wherein, revenues, originate. from one-hundred thousand clients visiting the hotel in 2015. Paladino further stated that they took a poor in appearance looking block and turned it into an area worth visiting. He stated, too, that he will be more pleased with the project, once it reaches completion.

Notes About Devco:

DEVCO oversees the establishment of corporate policy-making; inside a broad framework of international business. It adapts to the ever continual requirements of its allied neighbors. The preceding is inclusive of a cooperative effort with that of the Corporation, to the ever evolving requirements of associated nations.

DEVCO holds the responsibility as to the formulation of EU developmental policy and other themed policies with the concept in mind to decrease global impoverishment and, further, to assure that the current economy remains sustainable. It works to assure environment and social development is continual and the organization promotes democratic ideas. It advocates to the rules of law, as well as to that of a strong government and in respecting a person’s rights. The preceding activities are made possible by way of external based aid. Devco coordinates efforts between the European Union and its member states.




Unique Ways In Which Mike Baur Is Supporting The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur, formerly a Swiss private banker, has ventured into business and his biggest motivation is to see young entrepreneurs attain success. He has come up with an idea that is making the process easier and this is through the Swiss Startup Factory, an incubation hub that is offering young and talented startups a platform to nurture their ideas.


Incepted in 2014, Swiss Startup Factory has grown into the biggest incubation hub in Switzerland and most of the startups that have gone through the system have grown into competitive businesses in the digital market. The program is run through a three-month session where the startups are taken through the most important steps of running and managing a business. They are exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and made to understand the kind of challenges they are likely to encounter along the way.


Acceleration program

The acceleration program offers the startups an opportunity to steer their ideas to the next level through a monitored system that is manned by professionals with a massive experience record. To make this process more effective, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with leading universities across the countries in a bid to make access to vital resources possible. Within the three months, entrepreneurs are able to understand what needs to be injected in their particular businesses to accelerate growth and enhance performance in the competitive space.


Co-working space

Through the program, startups can enjoy the co-working space that is availed to help them manage their affairs. There are professionals in virtually all specialties in the space and one can connect with people who have different skills through consultation sessions. This makes it easier to access solutions to various problems whenever they arise.


Accounting/legal support for startups

Apart from nurturing the structure of the startup, the Swiss Startup Factory also offers the entrepreneurs a chance to access accounting and legal support that may be necessary to assure the smooth running of their businesses later. There are professionals in these fields who review the structure of the business then come up with plans that are workable for that particular startup.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is a professional whose dedication and zeal for success has remained strong ever since he was a teenager. He aspired to be a banker, a profession he pursued and having worked in the Swiss banking industry for nearly 20 years, he exited in 2014 and launched the Swiss Startup Factory, which is supporting startups across the country.



The Enigma that is Raj Fernando

Making it in business is not an easy thing. However, each day, many men, and women continue to prove that it can be done. One such person is Raj Fernando. He is a business magnate who has put in a lot of effort to be where he is today.

Fernando is the CEO and founder of In addition, he was previously at the helm of Chopper Trading as its CEO. Mr. Fernando is one of the leading experts in international financial markets. In addition, Mr. Fernando spends quite a lot of time in foreign policy organizations. He is a member of the board of Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the American Security Project. His expertise in cyber security has been a great asset for the national security of the United States.

His career began at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. When he was done with college, he worked his way day and night to the top. He founded Chopper Trading in 2002 after spending a number of years on the Chicago Board of Trade in various positions. After two years, he quit everything else and invested his time wholly in Chopper Trading. He managed to transform Chopper Trading into one of the most secure trading companies in the financial world.
Growing Chopper Trading

Mr. Fernando worked over a decade to transform Chopper Trading into a leading market participant in the financial world. It participated in the leading stock exchanges such as LSE, ICE, Eurex, Nasdaq, and CME. At its highest points, the company employed about 250 people globally. DRW bought the company in 2015, which is a global leader in the financial markets.

Mr. Fernando formed in 2016. The company delivers trustworthy information to major companies around the world so that they can make sound financial decisions. The twenty-five years of experience that he has means that company can expect to get only the best quality from him. His input is also held in high regard in the various boards he serves. He got his economics and history degree from Beloit College. In addition, he was a student at the University College London.

Slyce Finds The Perfect Partner In Shoe Carnival

Slyce has been looking for ways to make their app a more powerful tool for shopping, and they are looking for partners who will sell their products through the app. They have worked out a deal with Shoe Carnival to give their customers first look at Shoe Carnival products, and they are continuing with other partnerships of the same ilk.

The people at Slyce are looking for ways to make sure that they have more options for their customers when they shop for clothes and shoes. The pictures that are used in the app are going to lead people to all kinds of products that people will want to buy, but they will see Shoe Carnival at the top of all their results. This gives Shoe Carnival a better chance at making sales, and it shortens shopping trips for people who just do not have the time.

Slyce is trying to make sure that customers can get the things they need when they need them, and they are making it easy for sales to go through. Every customer will be able to buy through the app, and it will take them to a link where the purchase can be made. There are a lot of people who will shop there because they know it is easy, and they can find a close facsimile of what they need without any real searching. Slyce is doing the searching, and the app is helping people buy almost immediately.

Shoe Carnival wants to be partnered with Slyce because they have a shoe that will match just about any search. The searches will result in new sales for Shoe Carnival, and it will open up the eyes of people who might have thought that Shoe Carnival was a place that they could not shop for their shoes. There are many people who are learning about Shoe Carnival for the first time, and there are other people who are coming back to the brand because they see that it is hip again,

The partnership between Slyce and Shoe Carnival is going to help shoe buyers find what they need. Show Carnival gets the first results for every search, and people can buy through a link in the app. The Slyce team will keep looking for partners, and they are going to give customers more ways to shop. The customers save time, and they usually save money, too.