Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Appointed To More Leadership At Bradesco Bank

Recently, there have been a lot of improvements to the way that leadership is maintained at Bradesco Bank. The institution has propagated a great deal of change in their industry based on the development of core leadership standards and selection decisions. As Lazaro Brandao has announced he will no longer be the President of the organization, a spiraling need for new leadership has emerged in the second largest bank of Brazil.

While Brandao will maintain leadership in the holding companies that are available, he does not have the same intention for maintaining his position in the office of the President. He has created a lot of change and implemented great standards throughout his career, and now feels the need to step down. This announcement has come with a great degree of support from his family as Brandao is now ninety one years of age.

Because of this decision, a new President has been appointed. This is the current CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He has been an empowering individual to hold office and has propagated a great deal of change throughout the institution. Nevertheless, it is not possible for one individual to hold both offices of CEO and President. For this reason it has become even more important that a CEO is selected. A graduate of Sao Paolo University, he started to work as clerk.

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The management culture that has been established at Bradesco Bank is very unique. They almost always select executives from within the organization when it comes to promotions and leadership positions. For this reason, there have been seven executive leaders selected for the candidacy of CEO. These individuals have proved themselves in various aspects including the steadfast development of resources in their unique areas of expertise.

Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is one of the candidates for this CEO position. He has been instrumental in changing the treasury department of the bank. He has also been a key figure in lending departments. With a steadfast history at the company it is clear that he has the successful attitude and history to make a difference as CEO. The treasury department in particular has been enhanced due to the novel implementation standards proposed by this officer.

There are several other notable figures in the running for this position as well including Josue Augusto Pancini. Josue Augusto Pancini is another candidate with a great track record. He has been instrumental in helping the bank branch out and has created steadfast results for local as well as international standards of implementation.

Marcelo de Araujo Noronha is another competent and highly skilled individual in the running for the office of CEO. He is a little younger than some of the other candidates as he is only fifty two years of age. He started working with the bank in 2003 and has made a big difference in the way that corporate investment as well as banking takes place at large scale. The card operations of Bradesco BBI have been implemented very effectively with the help of Noronha as well. This project speaks to the way that he is able to create valuable services and ensure that they are deployed correctly to the people they will serve best.

Another candidate is Octavio de Lazari according to He is only fifty four years old and has been a member of upper level management for quite some time. He has one of the longest histories at the bank having been there since 1978. The valuable administration of projects in addition to the way that he addresses insurance trends has propagated a great deal of change throughout the infrastructure at large. There are valuable benefits that can be seen throughout the organization based on his consistent and steadfast efforts.

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Arthur Becker career

Arthur has been in the corporate world for quite a long span of time. Over the years he has occupied many respectable positions in a broad spectrum of firms. He is currently the chairman and CEO of Zinio. Before getting into this position, he was also the CEO of NaviSite. Its entity has specialized in offering different technological services including application services. The institution mainly operates in the UK and the US. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Apart from holding a managerial position in Zinio, he is also parts of the managing board of Madison Partners. This an institution which focuses on real estate and other affiliated fields. The firm is currently offering guidance to people who are in early stages of BioTech sector. With his experience in different market segments, he was also appointed as an adviser to Fashion Company known as Vera Wang fashion. Arthur Becker has been offering guidance to the institution offer the years. By so doing the firm is currently performing greatly in the market. Thus it’s planning to venture into other parts of this globe.

Arthur’s interest for biotech has put in a position of interacting with a broad range of experts in the segment. He is currently working with medics in the field. The technology is now being used in researching cancers medicine. In a case of breakthrough, this will be a game changer. This has also made him understand different expatriates and thus being in a position of fully appreciating their contribution to our society. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Apart from being a successful business person he has also been inspiring and guiding a good number of entrepreneurs all over the globe. As he says, it’s important for one to be a critical thinker. By balancing passion with critical thinking, one will be able to achieve a lot in the long run. An entrepreneur needs to learn a lot about his past failures. This will reduce the cost of business sin the long run. He also insists on the output per given time being realized by a firm. One should be working on how to optimize the returns being realized within a portion of time.

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Mike Baur: Helping People Dream Big!

Mike Baur is the ever-enthusiastic co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, and manages the funding and financing of the company. He is an entrepreneur and businessman with a genuine heart of gold, and has made it his life-mission to help every day, average people start up the businesses they’ve always dreamed of, in the simplest ways they never thought of. His company provides the very clever service of combining all aspects of business-starting in a 3-month program; it simplifies the process by providing a one-stop shop of: financing, coaching, mentoring, office spacing, and giving exclusive access to networks in the investor/entrepreneurial world.


Baur has quite the impressive work history, as well. He worked in banking for more than 20-years, including both UBS and Clariden Lew. After resigning there, he began to invest in various startup companies, and in 2014 he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. By 2016, he became the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest after Swiss Startup Factory and CTI became business partners. Baur spearheaded Swiss Startup Factory right through its infancy with the help of the Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion, and in December 2016, he was featured in a Wall Street Journal article covering his early career spanning from his banking-investment days to entrepreneurship. In addition, He is very enthusiastic about the digital age in which he resides, and acts as a Digital Board Member in several Swiss companies.


Baur spends much time speaking at various venues such as universities, mid-size companies, and start-up events and is passionate about giving back to society all that he has learned with the intent to, says Baur on his LinkedIn page, “give back the knowledge about the magic of accelerating startup ideas in Switzerland and developing new digital companies.”


He delights in communicating with those who share the same interests, and makes himself very reachable and approachable to the public. In addition to his work, he is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown hockey club called Fribourg Gotteron and he absolutely adores following the Swiss Tennis Pros on the ATP tour.


Mike Baur has gifted the world with his think-big and common-sense approach to starting businesses. He loves what he does, and seems to have found purpose in helping and caring for others who wish to dream big. The world is truly a better place for having him in it.



Billy McFarland Conquers The World

Starting a new business is no small job, but making it successful is even more remarkable in most cases. Billy McFarland started his first business at age 13 and it was successful from the outset, as it found new customers for a local business.

While at Bucknell, as a freshman computer engineering, he founded Spling, a business that modifies the URL of companies and changes them into graphics which are used to enhance the brand of the company. The business is still a going concern with McFarland as the CEO. Customers such as Warner, Discovery, Universal and Hearst attest to its success.

According to The Guardian, at the age of 23, Bily McFarland started Magnises, a New York City company that caters to millennials. Magnises is a club that allows members to receive substantial discounts from many of their favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, events, travel availabilities, concerts and special events.

Membership is $250 annually which allows members to use the “Black Card.” This card copies the information from the credit or debit card of the member, which is used to pay at the member businesses and apply the discount.

Membership is not automatic, and there is an online application form that is required to be filled out, and then approved by management. Businesses are screened as well before they can become a membership provider. The business must buy into the concept of additional service levels and that they will be involved for the long term.

The growth of Magnises has been off the charts, as evidenced at the end of 2015 with an excess of 10,000 members in New York City and Washington D.C., the two locations of the business. In fact, ownership of a Black Card has become the one possession of value to be prized. If a new person is in the group, members strongly advocate membership in Magnises so the right people can be met.

McFarland states that it is time to expand, as there are millions of millennials in other metro areas. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and London are targeted as near-term possibilities. A recent influx of $3 million will help in this effort for sure. The business model is working well, and it will work in other locations too.