David McDonald leads OSI Industries to a success path

David McDonald, the President and the COO of OSI Industries is known for offering insightful and visionary leadership. He has been the moving force behind some of the major developments at OSI Industries. He has successfully led OSI Industries into acquiring other facilities in the U.S and Europe and Asia. These acquisitions were strategic, and they have helped OSI Industries to expand their operations beyond the U.S. borders.

David has also led OSI industries into several humanitarian and community-based projects. He was among the individuals who led OSI into donating more than 252,000 pounds of high-quality meat products to the American food banks. The food products were supplied from the company’s processing facility based in North America.

The meat products supplied by OSI industries were used to feed a lot of people who can’t afford to put a decent meal on their tables due to their low economic status. The food helped hundred thousand of children and adults to get proteins, which are essential for proper growth and development. OSI Industries continues to be the premier protein products provider in America.

David McDonald has been instrumental in transforming OSI Industries into a global company that utilizes the local resources to supply high-quality food products. The company’s headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. While OSI Industries is a big company operating in different societies, David has established local management teams that ensure the products produced and supplied by the company conform to the local cultures, customs, and tastes. With this strategy, McDonald has helped to transform OSI Group into a premier provider of value-added proteins.

OSI Industries has experienced tremendous growth since it was founded in the 1900s by Otto, a German immigrant. However, the company started growing by leaps and bounds from 1987 when McDonald took over reigns as the president of the company. Since then, the company has undertaken numerous strategic acquisitions and partnerships that have helped them set foot into the international arena.

Some of the major moves by OSI Industries include the purchasing of Baho Foods in Europe. This acquisition will OSI to get a share of the lucrative European Food market. Besides, the company has added several food products to its production lines.

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OSI Group: Todays Food Market Industry Leader

The convenience food market industry has grown tremendously with a rapidly increasing demand for quality ready-to-eat meals and snacks. Industry leaders, such as the OSI group, are able to provide custom food solutions, in meeting growing market demand, of both busy consumers and expansive retail food markets.

Supermarkets, warehouses and convenience stores are having to find innovative ideas in providing healthy, fresh foods such as prepared entrees, sides and salad kits for their customers. Consumers are not only looking to save preparation time, they are also looking for the ease in shopping and price as well. Offering complete meal solutions at great prices is a win for both consumers and retail food chains and this is where OSI Industries comes in. The OSI Group offers their customers, custom food products and cost effective solutions with supply chain expertise, innovative food processing facilities, quality assurances and food safety, and an impressive worldwide distribution system.

OSI was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, in Chicago. Still in Illinois, their corporate offices are now located in Aurora,IL. The OSI group has grown from a small family-owned butcher shop into a world leader; expanding their business into parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. OSI is still a privately held business and CEO Sheldon Lavin’s envision of a family culture is an important aspect of his management style and what he believes, drives the company’s thirst for success.

OSI Industries has been rapidly expanding both in the U.S. and overseas. In 2014, OSI opened a new facility in Riverside, California that produces salsa and bean products and 2016, they purchased a former Tyson processing plant as a part of their continued growth.

OSI’s global expansion has been even more impressive with several joint ventures and acquisitions of other convenience food manufacturers. According to Gemma Cottrell in ” Innovative Leadership Gives OSI Industries International Expansion Advantages”. She highlights the company’s most recent acquisition, Flagship Europe and how it can provide new customers with a more expansive product line, adding to the company’s dynamics.

The most important aspect of OSI’s continued success is it’s pursuit of customer engagement. (OSI Group, 2013). In this article, the author points out OSI Group’s approach to customer engagement, which involves partnering with their clients, in learning consumer-driven changes so that their clients are able to provide innovative product solutions, that fit consumer demands(2013).

OSI Industries is one of the world’s leading food service providers that is driven to provide consumers with quality food brands, worldwide.

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A Look at the Successful Career of OSI Group’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin

Looking back into the time that Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group Inc. and looking at what he has become today, it paints the perfect example of the phrase: “Rome was not built in a day.” He entered the meat processing industry as an “underdog,” having made the drastic shift from a financial expert and investor and owning a financial consultations company. Regardless, his dedication to the company’s growth earned him the position of the Chair and the CEO of OSI Group, a holding company in the meat processing industry.

His path to success began when he decided to venture into a partnership with The sons of Otto Kloschowski, while the company was still under the name Otto & Sons. Sheldon Lavin’s financial input into the business made the company bolster its operations to become McDonald’s Corporation’s single supplier of hamburgers. At first, he agreed to enter into a partnership on one condition: his financial input would be to the same extent of the leverage as the sons had.

In 1975, he became much involved with Otto &Sons and began seeking overseas investment opportunities, and it is the time that their main client, McDonald’s, confirmed them as their full-time supplier. In 1970 – 1990, ISO Group expanded into U.S, Europe, Taiwan and South America. “When I took over the management of ISO Group in the 80s, I made it a tacit mandate to transform the company into a global company. If I can’t achieve that, I better go back to banking,” said Sheldon Lavin.

Career Awards

At only 81 years, Sheldon Lavin impeccable leadership and contribution to the company has made him a multi-award winner in the industry. For instance, he has received the highly coveted Global Visionary Award. The award was initiated by India’s Vision Word Academy, and its objective is honor exceptional leaders and visionaries in various industrial realms who have exhibited relentlessness in turning dreams into reality.

On 20 Feb 2016, Mr. Sheldon Lavin received the award for the fifth time at the Gujrat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The award acknowledged the 10-year guidance he gave to the company for its eight-year long operations in India.

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Sheldon Lavin Bringing the OSI Group into the future

Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been a part of OSI Group since the early 1970s. The OSI Group originally founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, built as a butcher shop and meat market in Chicago. Sheldon Lavin has grown into a company with over 65 locations and partners based all over the world. Sheldon Lavin has kept his focus on food safety, green living and sustainability. Sheldon Lavin continues to grow the company through market-focused methods. In the past several years, OSI had made several acquisitions.

In 2014, Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group joined a ventured with British company Pickstock , giving the OSI Group a larger reach expanding their beef distribution throughout Europe. In Canada, Sheldon Lavin started venture with Select Ready Foods, giving the company opportunity to expand its added meat products in Canada. Sheldon Lavin also joined a venture with EDEKA in Canada, allowing the OSI Group opportunity to provide the supermarket chain with high-quality meat products.

In 2016, Sheldon Lavin purchased a former Tyson production plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. The purchase was convenient for OSI Group since the plant is located near one of the OSI Group’s main facilities. The plant is 200,000 square feet and comes with a huge amount of storage space, allowing for more growth.

Sheldon Lavin is best known for acquiring Dutch Baho Food, which produced and distributed a wide range of food and meat products in the Netherlands and Germany. This latest acquisition allows for the OSI Group more reach to include deli meats and quick snacks. Sheldon Lavin was the one who pushed the OSI Group into focusing on global growth. Sheldon Lavin became a third partner in 1970 and later became a half-partner when one of the founders sold his control to learn more: https://www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/ click here.

Unlike his competition, Sheldon Lavin has strategically planned all his joint ventures and acquisitions. Sheldon Lavin has grown this company to include more than 20,000 employessand has created a family like atmosphere. At the age of 80, Sheldon Lavin continues to grow this company bigger and better.