José Auriemo Neto’s Role in the Family Business

JHSF is one of Brazil’s biggest real estate companies. It is about 42 years old, and it’s a family business. The company initially began as JHS, a construction company. It later came to be a development company before evolving into a real estate firm. It deals with the JHS development of business complexes, hotel, and restaurants and it also has a very lucrative contract to develop an airport. The company enjoys a good reputation for excellence and is highly esteemed by its previous clients, as well as the repeat ones. Even though some people misguidedly fathom it to be a high-end clientele real estate, such a claim can easily be disputed.

JHSF owns several strings of thrifty commercial buildings. It even owns the Santa Cruz Metro shopping center. JHSF’s commercial complexes house several law firms and shopping stalls that serve the entire Brazillian middle class. The perception that it seems only the rich can be attributed to the numerous positive reviews JHSF has received in the past from very wealthy clients who had very generous projects they needed to be developed. Because such individuals are very hard to please, the reputation should allude to the high-quality services that the company made.

The Family Model

The company was founded back in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo and Jose Roberto. The two brothers had differences in how the company should be run and thus decided to split it into JHSF and JHSL. Fabio’s JHSF veered away from JHS’ construction business and ventured into development. The two brothers are still close though.
Fabio grew the company into a real estate firm that heavily featured the input of his family members. Because of its ability to be innovative, daring, of quality, pioneering and to identify opportunities in the market of operation, JHSF managed to accumulate vast properties Sao Paulo, New York, and Salvador. All the time, Fabio had been keenly grooming his son, José Auriemo Neto, to take his place.

Then, one day, José Auriemo Neto proved himself worthy to his father and the owner of JHSF. He made his vision and passion for the company as well as his insight and negotiating skills all at once. First, he identified the potential of a parking lot that one one else had. He managed to convince the skeptical president to purchase the parking lot, which was at the edge of the Marginal Pinheiros. The acquisition was cheap since no one knew its value other than the young man. Later, the acquisition came to be the most profitable investment that JHSF ever made in its entire existence. Fabio was more than happy when he finally bequeathed Jose the JHSF presidency.

Todd Lubar Brings Real Estate Success Story To Baltimore

According to Hackronym, in the mid-2000s, a financial crisis occurred that was unlike anything in modern times. The very fabric of what makes the United States the country that it is was put in jeopardy. The crisis involved the highest levels of the financial industry. The biggest financial institutions in the country were in serious trouble. People were losing jobs every day and a sense of panic was starting to impact the nation.

At the heart of the financial crisis was the real estate industry. One of the main sources of the problems that was affecting the country were real estate loans made to millions of people who were having problems paying the loans. This situation along with other situations that were occurring around the same time caused a sequence of events to occur that challenged the nation.

In the coming months after the impact of the crisis was at its highest, real estate property value went down greatly. The economic conditions in the country reflected the problems that were happening across the nation. Real estate property was being foreclosed in record numbers, which contributed significantly to the lost of real estate value in all cities.

During this time, many cities suffered tremendously. One of these cities was Baltimore. Many homeowners saw their real estate property values hit an all-time low. Hope for the future was poor because of the bad economy. However, the financial crisis was hit head on by the government and many things were put in place to help solve the financial crisis. It took several years, but the economy improved. The value of real estate property went back to normal ranges.

In Baltimore, a real estate professional who understands the internal ways of the real estate industry was busy working during the entire financial crisis. His name is Todd Lubar. A Baltimore businessman, Todd Lubar helped people through his real estate firm that he had started a few years before the financial crisis started.

Todd Lubar’s real estate firm provides real estate loans to people interested in purchasing real estate. Todd Lubar has a special interest in helping people with a bad financial history find real estate loans. More details can be found on his LinkedIn.

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