Cancer Treatment Centers of America Customizes Oncology Treatment With Clinical Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is broadening its healthcare network to expand the number of treatment options they have available for those suffering from cancer. CTCA has released a statement in which they detail their new cooperative effort with NantHealth and Allscripts to launch a new data initiative, Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways aims to utilize technology in an effort to make clinical environments more efficient by administering more effective treatment methods and increase time with patients as physicians make their daily rotations. This will be made possible by the retention and distribution of patient data and clinical research collected from oncology experts working in cancer treatment across the U.S. This data allows physicians to approach treatment from a more informed position, eliminating time spent in applying certain treatments before discovering they’re ineffective for a particular patient.

Clinical Pathways has data that elucidates the 2,700 existing cancer treatment options and continues to add to their library of peer-reviewed research. This is not just helpful for the physicians treating cancer but also for patients. CTCA maintains that is crucial for recovery from a cancer diagnosis for patients to be invested int heir own treatment, and the information provided by Clinical Pathways allows them and their loved ones to make informed decisions that may influence their treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a network of hospitals in Phoenix, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boca Raton, Florida, specializing in cancer treatment and recovery.

As leaders in precision treatment, CTCA offers the most effective immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery options to patients under their care as well as recovery support so they can transition back to a healthy life. This is made possible by a staff of healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds that are dedicated to patient care and empowerment.

Cassio Audi Lived the Rock Star Dream

Every teenager wishes for life in show business. Most want to be great musicians, move crowds, hear their name shouted as they stand up to sing that song that the audience has been dying to hear again. Unlike most teenagers, Cassio Audi lived this dream. He was one of the founders of the heavy metal band from Brazil, Viper. The band which recorded its first demo in 1985 still enjoys a following and is still recording and going on tour. Their latest work is a live album in 2015 called To Live Again.

Cassio Audi was part of the band from 1985 when it started. During this time he played drums on their first demo The Killera Sword, their second demo, Projeto SP Meta and their very first album Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. The album was a great success, and although their English was not perfect, it was clear that Viper had talent. It was 34 minutes and 37 seconds long and was recorded in a week. It included songs like Knights of Destruction, The Whipper, Signs of the Night, Law of the Sword and Soldiers of Sunrise. The title track was very popular, and the album was rated 4 out of 5 stars.

The album was very popular and was re-released twice; in 1992 by Massacre Records and then by Paradoxx Music in 1997. Although he could have made a living off music considering he was very talented, he did not stay with the band and left after being with them for about three years. He was therefore not involved in their second album Theatre of Fate that was released in the USA, Europe, and Asia. This album was also very successful. Cassio Audi was not in any other band after Viper which he exited in 1989. He still plays instruments and sings, which he considers as part of his relaxing activities.

Talk Fusion Video Chat Wins Again

Bob Reina, Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion has been smiling since he received a stellar award for his company. The prestigious award in the communications industry, the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award is highly coveted by those in the communications industry. The award is a badge of honor for companies that have worked tirelessly to create and design tools and resources for communication for individuals as well as for businesses. This biggest advantage that Talk Fusion has is that they focus on a cross-communications product that no one else can touch. This revolutionary all-in-one video chat tool is just what businesses have been searching for as they dial down their costs for travel.

The CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani, has made it know that the best-of-the-best are the only candidates in the lineup for this award each year. Industry leaders are always making cutting-edge products and designing the very best that technology can offer an individuals as well as the small and large business.

The secret behind Talk Fusion is the WebRTC technology. This allows face-to-face communication with anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. Whether you choose to communicate through smartphone, your computer, or even a tablet, Talk Fusion offers the best tools at the right price. The full version of the product was live in March of 2016. This prompted talk regarding what was next in the lineup for any product or service that could be created for the technology industry.

CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has stated that his team is everything he hoped for. Reina believes that his team is the right group to keep Talk Fusion above board on all products and services. It’s important that you are not only innovative,but you must also create a product that makes sense for your marketplace. Talk Fusion has been dedicated to helping businesses reach their goals since its inception.


QNET’s Growth as Fueled by the Growing E-Commerce

There are many factors that have led to the growth of e-commerce and QNET is a beneficiary to all the advantages therein. Founded in the late 90s, QNETS is one of the major companies making history globally. The protracted growth of QNET’s business has been largely impacted by its acquisition strategy. As a result of its online businesses, the company has registered tremendous growth over the years. QNET has greatly invested in the online business platform and it has ultimately made a name for itself in the business. Notably, the company has not been left behind in the global shift of business operations.

The entire global business sculpture took a turn during and after the event of the last global recession that affected every aspect of the global economy. Due to this, investors have resolved to diversification as a means of shielding themselves from a crumpling industry. For instance, the effects of the economic meltdown in 2008/2009 were mostly caused by the collapsing real estate and banking industry driven by inflation. QNET seems to have learned from the aftermath of the global recession hence its current and previous acquisition strategies and ventures into other markets.

The company has interest in areas such as hospitality and entertainment. Its online business is booming and most of the products displayed in its website are health products, nutrition, and other products from the energy sector. Like a shopping mall, QNET’s online platform is a host to a myriad assortment of products. There are numerous products like women’s face products and make ups, jewelleries, shoes and clothes. The company does not only deal with women’s clothing but also male watches, shoes, caps, rings and wallets among other products.

How Leaders, Like Adam Sender Are Trendsetters in the Art World

Adam Sender is an art collector that has actively participated in collecting for over 15 years, since he purchased 1981 Cindy Sherman photograph known as Black Sheets. While his willingness to pay such a high price for paintings from unknown artists is very atypical, he purchases those pieces because he opts not to put a price tag on beauty.

This means that a piece of art can only be produced one time. If this piece of art possesses an element that you wish to embody or convey to the people around you and only one of those pieces or paintings that exist on earth, then it is only wise to purchase that art. For an art collector, it is a no-brainer.

To be an art collector takes an enormous amount of conviction and dedication to a certain vision that you have about the world. This conviction leads you to collect pieces of art that make a statement in your own personal life. When this conviction is seen by other art collectors, it could very well inspire them to want to have a very similar conviction. Being an art collector is very similar to driving a certain style of fashion. If I like to wear a certain brand of suit or a certain brand of clothing, or eyewear, a certain item of clothing in a very, specific way and I am a leader, it will cause other people to want to purchase very similar items of clothing and wear it in a way that I have probably inspired.

Now, it works the same way for art collectors. When a person collects a specific piece of art, they are making a statement. If an influencer owns a piece of art that is very personally inspirational, regardless of whether it makes a lot of money or not, then people all around the world will want to purchase that piece of art.

Now, I want to share with you a secret, not every business that is enormously influential is enormously profitable, yet, their business may create a social revolution that changes the world, and that is really the most important thing, isn’t it?

So, let’s say you have a company that is enormously inspirational, like Napster. Napster is a company that completely change the way that the world consumes music. Because of the huge changes in music consumption that Napster prompted, even though Napster as a company went bankrupt, they are still known around the world as one of the world’s most successful companies. Napster can still sell T-shirts and memorabilia because of their cultural influence. The impact of art works in a very similar way and good art will always produce a profit for someone who is in love with the art.