Mikhail Blagosklonny is the Future of Cancer and Age Medicine

In the field of medicine, research and development of therapies, equipment, and new courses of treatment are not easily achieved. Most medical professionals go their entire careers without making an innovarive contribution to their field. Luckily for those combating cancer or resisting the pains of aging, there is a doctor dedicated to the ethical advancement in both of these areas of medicine. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a skilled and knowledgeable oncologist who is not just committed to treating disease, he is committed to providing the best treatment plans available. Even if he has to develop them himself.

One of his more prolific contributions came in the form of an important discovery. The drug Rapamycin, also referred to as Sirolimus and known as Rapamune, was initially used as an anti-fungal treatment. It was not too long after the discovery of the drug that it was utilized for far greater purposes than a mere anti-fungal remedy. It became apparent that the immunosuppressive qualities would be helpful to transplant patients looking to avoid host rejection of the transplant/implant. Blagosklonny’s discovery came when he realized that the drug could play an extremely helpful role in the treatment of cancer patients with far fewer risks of kidney and organ damage throughout the course of treatment. Mikhail realized the untapped potential in an already developed, isolated medics. His outside the box thinking not only made treatment of cancer patients more livable, it also allowed those from other fields to consider the benefits the drug might have on a wide variety of disease treatments. As it turns out, the benefits are pretty expansive.

As a professor of Oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, it is not shocking to know that a substantial amount of Mikhail Blagosklonny’s career has been spent trying to find and develop more effective, less damaging courses of treatment. His efforts extend beyond the mere lifespan of the people he aims to help. Blagosklonny cares about efficient medicine with minimal damage left in its wake- including financiaal. His work and research in fields of cancer and aging help him identify links between age and and the disease while also affording him the opportunity.

for innovation that will benefit patient health during AND after treatment.

Medical advancement is tricky business. It is challenging, expensive, and rigorous. Whether it is publishing medical research, developing therapies, devising new treatments or exploring what already exists, it all takes its toll. Fortunately there are those like Mikhail Blagosklonny who remain steadfast in their commitment to excellence for the sick and ailing. He is a healer, a scholar, and an unparalleled member of the medical and academic field. Above all, however, he has proven to be a philanthropist, putting his desire for well-being at the front and center of his work.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Raises Bar on Oncology Treatments

Just about everybody has heard of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They are a dedicated organization that delivers precise and personalized cancer care treatments to their loyal adult cancer patients. People have come to expect the best from this team of compassionate cancer care specialists and healthcare workers. Now this center has partnered with Nanthealth and Allscripts to reveal a new oncology platform that truly raises the bar even higher for current cancer care treatment options. This cancer care organization now has 5 stellar hospitals in 5 major U.S. cities. Patients are treated with a specialized holistic approach that encompasses each patient’s lifestyle and family members.

This dedicated center treats every patient as a unique person. Their innovative cancer care treatments are possible due to the organizations extensive research programs. Many patients find that they regain precious hope after receiving treatment with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They find passionate doctors, nurses and other important staff members ready to help lift their heavy burdens. This center provides leading cancer break through treatments, and they are always striving to end cancer entirely. For now, comforted patients are fighting their cancer battle with these devoted healthcare members by their sides. With the unveiled treatment platform, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making treatment more organized, faster and more intensively personalized.

The holistic framework of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America approaches each case is one way that this center is above competitors. The center doesn’t stop at the medical treatment. A supportive environment is critical for cancer patients. They receive in-depth education regarding their specific illness and the treatments provided. Patients and their families feel free to ask questions regarding the care plan. Nutritional education and emotional supportive therapies allow the cancer patient to address all life areas while receiving cutting-edge treatments. CTCA are moving forward with cancer care options.

The Future Dentistry and Working In Integrity with Dr. Christ Villanueva

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and has envisioned the promotion of the best from corporate and sole practitioner sides of the industry. He has worked on both sides of the industry and knows what it takes to work without compromising the integrity of his profession. Dr. Chris created MB2 to bring a new feel in the field that tends to gravitate towards increasing their profits. MB2 focuses on autonomy, personal growth support and having fun together. After graduating, Dr. Chris had the option for employment or starting his own business. Luckily he had the idea of creating and getting the best from private and large group practice. That is how MB2 was founded.

His ideas come when he has time and space to think. Dr. Chris’ advice is that one is not supposed to act like the smartest in the room. Rather, give others a chance to be productive by staying out of their way. He has surrounded himself with creative, smart and outspoken people whom he has given time and space to be productive at MB2 Dental. Dr. Chris opines that emerging technology will enhance patient’s experience. He says as an entrepreneur; you ought to give yourself time for self-reflection.
Dentistry in the Future

The medical and business transactions in a clinic used to be the prerogative of the dentist. This aspect divided the attention of the dentist and brought about the inability to deliver on their primary duty. At MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris wants to do away with this problem by taking over the business aspect of the establishment. This will give dentist adequate time to deal with the clients and increase productivity. Dr. Chris says the future of dentistry will rely on the ability of doctors to co-invest in each other’s business. MB2, in its entirety, comprises of physicians charged with the responsibility of coming up with a corporate strategy that includes expansion. This is what has made Dr. Chris Villanueva’s company the best choice for most of the medical practitioners. MB2 Dental Solutions derives its pride from its ability to stay progressive and in tandem with the best trends and standards in the dentistry. It is entrenched in the best practical experience and success, owing to its youthful culture. MB2 offers an opportunity for dentists to learn from each other and grow together.

MB2 Bringing a Revolution in the Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the active practitioner the Founder of the MB2. He spent time in both parts of the sole-practitioner and corporate dentistry, something that enabled him to start his industry as he had enough knowledge in the field. Since the establishment of the MB2, the company has been able to support the practitioners in more than 70 associated locations in the six states. The firm has 533 employees under its name and its good leadership is to maintain the string of excellence. Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental on objectives that extend beyond the profit margins. The main focus was on autonomy, personal growth, support and having fun together.

When Dr. Villannueva was questioned in an interview on how he came up with the idea, he said that after graduating from dental school, the dentists had just only two options, joining a large group practice or starting a private practice. With him, he came up with the idea of combining the two approaches and it is how he formed MB2.

Concerning on how he spends his day, Dr. Villannueva took a comparison of an owl, saying that he gets most of his ideas at night because this time he has enough time to think creatively. He further added that he has a smart and creative team that he gives enough time to perform its duties, saying that if you have hired the right people, all you need is to set the vision, inspire them and let them work independently.

MB2 is bringing a revolution in the dental industry both to practitioners and the patients. The firm was established on the principle that when doctors combine hands together, they are able to help each other to realize more as opposed to when they are working individually. Also of importance is the culture of the company. Through MB2 youthful perspective, on how to carry out data management and practice development, it has been able to change the lives of many patients and dentists to better.

According to Dr. Villannueva, he had early knowledge that MB2 business was to be built on people and not to best equipment or real estate. A strategy that has helped him to grow the business. He instead on having the right person in place is a great deal. Finally, as an entrepreneur, he views that it is useful to give yourself a self-reflection as an entrepreneur.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The menace of prostate cancer has proved to be common among men; this has seen the National Football League Alumni Association in collaboration with Cancer Treatment Centers Of America and LabCorp deposit efforts of in enlightening and creating awareness about the disease to the public also facilitate easy access to screening services. This institution organized free screening for Prostate Specific Antigen for all men above the age of 40 and had legibility requirements. This was driven by LabCorp’s 1,750 centers located throughout the country. The condition for the exercise was that after the first lot of 2000 received free PSA screening spots got filled, then those qualified would always reschedule and attend at their convenience and receive the screening with discount of $25 while the sign-up period


The exercise indicated that in every seven men, one man was suspected to be positive for prostate cancer in their lifetime. The American Cancer Society project an estimation that by 2017 the number of people diagnosed with prostate cancer will be 161,360 cases. Experts’ advice that those men who are at a high risk of having the disease to be screened at the click of age 40. The risk factors such as hereditary aspect including family history and race though the African-American men being vulnerable to more than 70percent higher chances of developing prostate cancer.


Also, Prostate Pep Talk campaign harnessed public service announcements majorly utilizing former legendary NFL managers: Hern Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher to create awareness of prostate risks and to motivate men to get screened for the disease. Public service announcements will take the responsibility of airing the awareness campaign throughout September as it will be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.


About Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)


Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters situated in Boca Raton, Florida. It has a network of five national hospitals that give services to adult patients who have cancer. CTCA provides an integrative platform which has an approach to care that comprises advancements in genomic testing and services of precision cancer treatment, surgery services, radiation operations, immunotherapy and even chemotherapy.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer services to patients from all over the world through its network of five hospitals located in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. They embrace patient-based approach, hence clicking satisfaction scores which consistently make it be ranked as one of highest for cancer care providers in the US.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up With NFL Alumni Association to Combat Prostate Cancer

In a noble effort to prevent prostate cancer, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, with the help of the NFL Alumni Association and LabCorp, are providing 2000 men with prostate cancer screenings, free of charge. Additionally, they are providing subsequent screenings for $25 each. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are putting forth their best effort to combat it.

In order to spread awareness of prostate cancer, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are holding events in four major U.S. cities. These events will demonstrate the effectiveness of screening to prevent cancer. They will also feature several former NFL players who will share their experiences with cancer in their friends and families.

Eligible men over 40 can schedule their free screenings through Prostate Pep Talk. The tests are then performed by LabCorp at one of their service centers. By taking these tests, men can determine if they are at risk for prostate cancer, and then decide if they need to take further action.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America were founded in 1988 to bring a personalized approach to cancer care. Since then, they have added several hospitals and bring cancer care to those who need it. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have specialists in more than just prostate cancer, they treat cancer of the breast, lung, throat and several more.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are aware that cancer is something that cannot be treated the same way every time. They analyze the needs of their patients and create a plan unique to them. This plan is created to minimize negative side effects and treat the disease as effectively as possible. Each patient is assigned a team of experts to make this happen efficiently. By making each team collaborate and work together, a patients cancer is treated in the most effective manner.

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James Dondero and Dallas

Located in Dallas, Highland Capital Management is an outstanding and award-winning financial advisement company. The president and co-founder, James Dondero, has successfully led the company with his vast knowledge and innovative ideas. Under his direction, Highland has done groundbreaking work to develop the collateralize loan obligation market and provided creative solutions revolving around credit.
For over thirty years, James Dondero has been working diligently in credit markets. His story begins at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, where he double majored in Accounting and Finance. He graduated with the highest possible honors in both fields. During this time, Dondero was accepted into the Morgan Guaranty training program ran by banking giant JP Morgan.
Dondero has been worked for several different financial institutions. He started his career at American Express as a Corporate Bonds Analyst, holding this post until he left four years later. When he left, he had been acting as a Portfolio Manager. Dondero went on to Protective Life, now working as a Chief Investment Officer. A year later, he and Mark Okada created Highland Capital.
However, he isn’t only a hedge fund manager. He also serves on the board of directors for many different organizations. Jernigan Capital, American Banknote Corporation, NexBank, CCS Medical, MGM Studios, and Cornerstone Healthcare all have Dondero on their boards. Dondero also has certificates that allow him to act as a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Dondero has chosen Dallas to be the home of Highland Capital Management and his love for the city is apparent. Besides choosing this city for headquarters, Dondero also contributes to several local organizations and community cornerstones. The Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W Bush Presidential Library are just a few of the educational organizations that Dondero has helped out.
James Dondero has proven himself to be an exemplary man. Not only has he created a high-ranking company and personally helped lead it to what it is today, but he also gives a helping hand to the city he’s chosen to be Highland Capital’s home.

Luxury takes Center Stage For Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is one of the best-known design and architecture groups in the world after the company spent the majority of its recent years designing some of the world’s most luxurious and opulent hotel suites. Named after its founder, Richard Mishaan Design looks back into the personal history of Michaan and his ancestors as the designer and architect discovered the roots of his family were based in areas of Columbia and Italy; in his own history.

Richard Mishaan spent much of his youth exploring the fashion and color trends of his childhood.The main source of questions for the experts at Richard Mishaan Design is where the inspiration for the design choices made on a regular basis come from including those featured in the two books published by the designer and architect. Over the course of each day, Richard Mishaan has stated he is inspired by the everyday items he comes into contact with and the many different museums and galleries he visits on a regular basis.

These design choices would be shown in the two published books of Richard Mishaan Design featuring hotel room designs combining the latest in new furniture with classic pieces to add to the timeless look expected from the company.Despite being known for designing some of the world’s most expensive hotel rooms the experts at Richard Mishaan Design have gone on record as publishing their books in a bid to alter the view of opulence as solely associated to price and high levels of expense. Richard Mishaan himself explains his own feeling son design as being driven by a need to develop an overall look including pieces from different price ranges and various manufacturers to create an opulent overall look.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Customizes Oncology Treatment With Clinical Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is broadening its healthcare network to expand the number of treatment options they have available for those suffering from cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has released a statement in which they detail their new cooperative effort with NantHealth and Allscripts to launch a new data initiative, Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways aims to utilize technology in an effort to make clinical environments more efficient by administering more effective treatment methods and increase time with patients as physicians make their daily rotations. This will be made possible by the retention and distribution of patient data and clinical research collected from oncology experts working in cancer treatment across the U.S. This data allows physicians to approach treatment from a more informed position, eliminating time spent in applying certain treatments before discovering they’re ineffective for a particular patient.

Clinical Pathways has data that elucidates the 2,700 existing cancer treatment options and continues to add to their library of peer-reviewed research. This is not just helpful for the physicians treating cancer but also for patients. Cancer Treatment Centers of America maintains that is crucial for recovery from a cancer diagnosis for patients to be invested int heir own treatment, and the information provided by Clinical Pathways allows them and their loved ones to make informed decisions that may influence their treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals in Phoenix, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boca Raton, Florida, specializing in cancer treatment and recovery.

As leaders in precision treatment, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers the most effective immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery options to patients under their care as well as recovery support so they can transition back to a healthy life. This is made possible by a staff of healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds that are dedicated to patient care and empowerment.

Cassio Audi Lived the Rock Star Dream

Every teenager wishes for life in show business. Most want to be great musicians, move crowds, hear their name shouted as they stand up to sing that song that the audience has been dying to hear again. Unlike most teenagers, Cassio Audi lived this dream. He was one of the founders of the heavy metal band from Brazil, Viper. The band which recorded its first demo in 1985 still enjoys a following and is still recording and going on tour. Their latest work is a live album in 2015 called To Live Again.

Cassio Audi was part of the band from 1985 when it started. During this time he played drums on their first demo The Killera Sword, their second demo, Projeto SP Meta and their very first album Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. The album was a great success, and although their English was not perfect, it was clear that Viper had talent. It was 34 minutes and 37 seconds long and was recorded in a week. It included songs like Knights of Destruction, The Whipper, Signs of the Night, Law of the Sword and Soldiers of Sunrise. The title track was very popular, and the album was rated 4 out of 5 stars.

The album was very popular and was re-released twice; in 1992 by Massacre Records and then by Paradoxx Music in 1997. Although he could have made a living off music considering he was very talented, he did not stay with the band and left after being with them for about three years. He was therefore not involved in their second album Theatre of Fate that was released in the USA, Europe, and Asia. This album was also very successful. Cassio Audi was not in any other band after Viper which he exited in 1989. He still plays instruments and sings, which he considers as part of his relaxing activities.