Dick DeVos Extends Philanthropy Into His Retirement

I have always looked to take the advice of business leaders from across the world as I created a career of my own, which includes looking the careers of some of the most successful executives in modern business history. Towards the end of the 1990s I began following the business career of Dick DeVos, then President of the AmWay Group and the former President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise; not only did the man who brought a major change to the structure of the AmWay Group create a successful business, he also created a network of philanthropic partnerships through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that have had a great effect on the way I believe business and charitable giving can go hand in hand.


A recent article from MLive I read gave me a glimpse into the range of activities Dick DeVos has undertaken as a philanthropist in recent years, a period of time that has seen him use around $139 million of his personal fortune to back the causes he feels passionately about. As major players in the education reform movement, I expected Dick and Betsy DeVos to have given the majority of their charitable donations to education based groups, but instead I discovered the $3 million given to education was just over a quarter of the couple’s total charitable giving during the year 2015; what shocked me the most was the fact the couple spreads their funding so widely across various groups, resulting in just under $400,000 being provided to groups associated with the education reform movement.


As I have sought to explore the many different options open to Dick DeVos in living a better life as a business executive, I have become convinced the example set by Mr. DeVos in giving a portion of his life to serving others is an essential part of achieving success across every aspect of a career. In the 1990s the need to push forward the ideas surrounding education reform resulted in Dick winning a seat on the Michigan State Board of Education and working to allow greater levels of access to the best educational opportunities open to the people of the state. Even after announcing his retirement as the President and CEO of the AmWay Group I have been impressed by the way Dick DeVos has continued to play an important role in the way his local community of Grand Rapids, Michigan and the community of U.S. citizens work together into the future. Although a supporter of what are often seen as conservative causes I have been impressed by the decision to use The Windquest Group established by Dick DeVos to back investment in green energy solutions and advances in environmentally friendly packaging.


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Jay Z and Roc Nation Sit down with Universal Music Group

Jay Z has steadily marched his empire toward becoming one of the greatest in the history of the music business. Jay Z is a true mogul and his work with Roc Nation as both a producer and business man is probably going to be the thing of legend. Most legendary, perhaps, was the gigantic 10 year contract that Jay signed with Live Nation back in 2007 for an eye popping $150 million. That contract has finally run its course and now Jay Z and the team at Roc Nation are up for negotiations once more as a ‘buy-sell’ option has been triggered.  Related article on pagesix.com

Live Nation and Jay Z are at a crossroads in their business relationship thanks to the triggering of a buy-sell option. What this means is that both Jay Z and Live Nation are free to walk away from their contract with one another or fundamentally change the way that the deal is shaped. For Jay Z this could mean a huge new contract with someone else. For Live Nation this could mean changes that turn their profits even more. The music industry has changed in a big way over the past decade and it makes sense for both parties to consider how to make it benefit them.  Additional reading on templeofthecave.com

More to read here.

Jay Z and his close business associate and top Roc Nation exec, Desiree Perez, already have sat down with the team at Universal Music Group. Desiree and Jay Z were spotted having dinner with Sir Lucian Grainge, the CEO and Chairman at UMG, in what looked to be a pretty professional setting. Obviously this could mean any number of things but the elephant in the room definitely pointed to one fact: UMG is interested in bringing Jay Z and Roc Nation on board. Ultimately Jay and Desiree are going to get the last choice with whoever they want as Roc Nation is still a huge property.  Read more about Dez, click prettymanprettyman.com.

Interesting article here on http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/7454416/why-kanye-west-squash-tidal-apple-music-beef

Roc Nation’s New Deal with Universal Music Group

In 2008, rapper Jay-Z signed a “360 deal” with Live Nation. The 10-year deal worth $150 million is ending, and a few things are expected to happen. Jay has hinted that he wants to offer other big names in the industry stakes in Roc Nation. Also, either party could buy out the company or sell whatever stake they have in Roc Nation. According to some reliable sources, Live Nation will not be buying recorded music anymore. Although they will continue with Jay Z’s lucrative touring deal, they won’t buy the rights to his recorded music.  More to read on pagesix.com

Desire Perez, Roc Nation’s top executive, and Jay-Z had a meeting with Universal Music Group’s CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge. Could UMG be planning to buy a stake in Roc Nation? If so, this would offer Jay a lot of resources to nature new talents and enhance his streaming service –Tidal. Currently, UMG has a distribution deal with Roc Nation. However, the company stands to own a bigger stake of Roc Nation if it makes a bigger investment. Artists signed to Roc Nation include Shakira, Meek Mill, Jay, Fat Joe, and Rihanna.  Related article on igstars.com

About Desiree Perez

Dez, as she’s known by her close friends, has worked with Jay-Z for about 20 years. She has displayed exemplary skill and talent in managing Jay’s music empire. Early this year, Desiree Perez organized productive plays from tops artists. She also played a huge role in putting together the Rihanna Samsung Deal. The executive has proven that she’s a fierce negotiator. What’s more, Desiree is incredible at what she does.  For blogs and updates, check Dez’s facebook.com page.

Having been in the industry for so long, Desiree Perez understands how to grow a business. She has helped several artists, including Rihanna, to build their brands. Ms. Perez believes that it takes patience and perseverance to develop a successful enterprise. That’s why she works hard every day to ensure that Roc Nation stays ahead of its competitors.

Additional reading on http://templeofthecave.com/tidal-desiree-perez-and-more/


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Desiree Perez’s Business Acumen Speaks For Itself

Rapper and mogul Jay-Z’s $150 million landmark deal with Live Nation is ending, and he is “auditioning” other bigwigs in the music industry to take stake in the music portion of his company, Roc Nation. Jay-Z signed a decade-long deal with Live Nation in 2008, which means the deal expires next year. The ending of the deal could mean a “buy-sell,” which means that either Live Nation of Jay-Z can sell their Roc Nation stake to the other, or purchase Roc Nation outright. Check pagesix.com.

Sources confirm that Live Nation wants to continue its touring deal with the rapper, which has been significantly lucrative. However, Live Nation wants to back out of the recorded music aspect of the deal.

One music insider confirmed that Jay-Z’s 3600 deal with Live Nation will not be extended after 2018. Live Nation has bought into Jay-Z’s recorded music and rights, but won’t extend this aspect of the business relationship, since Live Nation is no longer in the recorded music business. Artists from Roc Nation include Shakira, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Rihanna and Jay-Z. The source also confirmed Live Nation’s longstanding touring agreement with Jay-Z, which has proven to be worthwhile and will likely continue for several more years.   Additional reading here

It is now believed that Universal Music Group will purchase stake in Roc Nation, since Jay-Z and Desiree Perez, the top exec at Roc Nation, recently met with Universal Music Group CEO and chairman Sir Lucian Grainge.  More of the story on saltylens.com.

Check igstars.com for related article.

Perez’s professional resume is particularly impressive, and she has had a successful business relationship with Jay-Z for nearly two decades. Perez is also a producer and is well known for her work on the On the Run Tour featuring Beyonce and Jay Z.  For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, click crunchbase.com.  She also helped to negotiate the Rihanna Samsung deal and helps to run Tidal, Jay-Z’s music streaming company.

Have a glimpse of the Music streaming world, hit on  http://www.apple.com/music/

Whitney Wolfe Makes It To Forbes’ 2017 list

Whitney Wolfe has no time to date men physically; they pass her tests through the social media. Besides, if one fails, they are swiped to the left. Bumble BFF is the App that enables Whitney to make her matches, and its effectiveness has been passed on to other equally busy women who have no time for dates.

Bumble BFF was a byproduct of Bumble app, and it aids in not only formation of romantic relationships, but also general friendships. It matches people with similar likes and allows people to ignore matches they dislike.

Follow Whitney Wolfe on LinkedIn

How To Install The Bumble BFF App
To install the app, first, download the Bumble app. Then sign up using Facebook so that all your details and photos can be pulled to the app. Thirdly create the Bumble profile and keep it short and precise, as the profile section allows only a few characters. Make sure to include the basic information that may attract the right people to you. After that, switch to Bumble BFF mode and select the breadth of the area you want your matches to be made. You may choose tour hometown only or further. Immediately, the app provides you with the people within the area. For those you love, swipe to the right, while for those you change your mind later, swipe to the left. The app notifies you when someone you like also likes you. From there you can decide to exchange phone numbers and even have a date if you like each other.

Advantages of the App
Bumble BFF empowers women as only a woman can start a chat. Furthermore, the woman can stop it immediately she gets bored with a man. Another advantage is that the App accords utmost privacy to the user so that the Facebook users cannot tell that you subscribed to Bumble BFF.

Whitney Wolfe’s Achievements
Ø In 2014, Whitney Wolfe was named one of the most influential women under 30 in tech.
Ø In 2016, Whitney Wolfe was named one of Eile’s women in tech.
Ø Earlier this year, she was also named one of Forbes’ 2017 30 under 30.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.gcreport.com/bumble-bff-whitney-wolfe-want-best-friend/

Roc Nation Pondering New Move as Desiree Perez and Jay Z Watch On

Almost a decade ago Jay Z and Live Nation met up and signed a prolific agreement between the two parties. Live Nation would sign Jay Z, and the Roc Nation company, to a ten year contract worth $150 million in total. That gigantic sum of money helped to continue Jay Z’s progressive rise to the top of the hip hop food chain. Now the prolific mogul and legendary producer is looking to see what could potentially come next for his business empire. Live Nation and Jay Z have hit a wall where they each have the opportunity to walk away and pursue better deals. More to read on pagesix.com.

Desiree Perez, a business partner and long time associate of Jay, has been involved with preparing Roc Nation for any potential move.  Check prettymanprettyman.com to read more about Dez.  In fact, Perez and Jay Z made a trip to Santa Monica to sit down with the Chairman and CEO over at Universal Music Group. Universal Music Group isn’t publicly pursuing a contract with Jay Z and Live Nation but the writing appears to be on the wall. Lucian Grainge, the aforementioned CEO, knows that bringing Jay Z on board could be a huge deal for both parties — especially with Roc Nations extensive list of artists including Rihanna, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill.  For more reading, click this

Right now the crossroads for Live Nation and Jay Z seem to center around the recorded music aspect of their contract. Over the past decade we have seen the music industry change in fundamental ways. Live Nation has watched these changes and has decided that they want to get out of buying music. An insider with sources close to Live Nation said, “Live Nation had bought into the artists’ rights and recorded music, but they are not extending any of those relationships.” The same insider went on to point out that Live Nation simply isn’t buying any recorded music at this point in time.  Interesting article on billboard.com.

Meanwhile, UMG and Jay Z could be heating up in the near future. An insider at UMG said, “It would be great to get further into business with him.” The source went on to add that no official talks have yet taken place.  Head over to hitsdailydouble.com for related article.

For a look at the music streaming world visit http://www.apple.com/music/


Traveling Vineyard Offers Money Making Potential for Wine Guides

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The opportunities for personal growth and for monetary gain through Traveling Vineyard are endless. Started back in 2001, the company began with the vision of teaching people the value of wine. This includes enhancing their knowledge of wines and expanding their palate, all while they enjoy themselves among friends and family.

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